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MnSAFE Safety Posters

Wear a Pair, Bring a Spare Campaign

Wear a Pair Logo

What's the "first step" for workplace safety? It's your shoes!

Risk Management's, "Wear a Pair, Bring a Spare" campaign encourages employees to carry their dress shoes while wearing a pair of shoes or boots to work.

A wide variety of MnSAFE themed safety posters are available here.

2016 Posters

Rushing_poster  Traction_poster  Penguin_shuffle1  Penguin_shuffle2  Complacency_poster  Frustration_poster  Fatigue_poster     


2013 Safety Poster Contest Winners

poster_becker_more poster_bornus_time poster_jensen_driveslow poster_jensen_eye poster_jensen_hangup poster_jensen_penguin poster_lynne_assets poster_lynne_slip poster_slc_ergo poster_slc_lift


Winter Safety Posters

be_a_penguin_poster ice_and_snow_poster stfposter_winterfootwear_final stfposter_wintertread_final


Additional Poster Links

mnsafe_1904_poster mnsafe_commitment_poster mnsafe_doyouknow_poster

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