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Best Practices

How can you make a safe workplace?

  • Safety as a value: Safety must be a clear value of the organization, from top to bottom.
  • Safety is actively managed: Everyone from top management to supervisors must actively manage the efforts to make the workplace safe.
  • Responsibility and Accountability from All: Everyone is treated as equally responsible and accountable for workplace safety and the role they play in achieving that.

Specific measures you can take:

  • Communication: Communicate with your staff using numerous channels to ensure they are aware of the safety commitment and the MnSAFE initiative. If you need help, be sure to check out the Resources page, which includes communications templates!
  • Evaluate current state: Do you have existing safety management systems? If so, take a moment to assess what's working, what's not, and what you can change and improve.
  • Know the source: The keys to building a safe culture and eliminating injuries will differ from agency to agency. Do some research to understand where, how and why injuries are occurring within your workplace. Knowing the source of injuries will give you the tools needed to prevent them.
  • Goal Setting: Develop ambitious but manageable goals and objectives to address injuries and safety management deficiencies in your agency.
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