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DOCUMENTS BY TIME PERIOD: Documents from 1950 to 2000

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Documents of particular interest and reports and publications from these time periods, as well as documents of that period which do not fall in any other category.

Year Title Author/Source File Name
Documents from the 1950s: General Chronological
1950 Caring for the Mentally Ill Governor Luther W. Youngdahl 50-CMI-LWY.pdf
1950 Report on Mental Health Progress Governor Luther W. Youngdahl 50-RMH-LWY.pdf
1950 The Retarded Child Governor Luther W. Youngdahl 50-TRC-LWY.pdf
1950 The New Frontier in Mental Health Governor Luther W. Youngdahl 50-NFM-LWY.pdf
1952 Institutional Needs for the Mentally Retarded Study John Holahan 52-holahan-inst-needs-study.pdf
1953 The Need of Services for Mentally Retarded Children Community Welfare Council 53-MRC-CWC.pdf
1954 You Are Not Alone: Information Helpful to Parents of Retarded Children MN Department of Public Welfare 54-DPA-YNA.pdf
1956 Looking Ahead MN Department of Public Welfare 56-mn-dpw-looking-ahead.pdf
1956 Report on Needs and Recommendations Relative to Education of Mentally Retarded Children in MN Minneapolis Assoc for Retarded Children 56-ERC-MRC.pdf
1956 Our Mentally Retarded Community Welfare Council 56-OMR-CWC.pdf
1957 Legislative Interim Commission Report Elmer L. Andersen 57-andersen-legis-rept.pdf
1957 Plan for a Social Development Center for the Mentally Retarded MN Assoc for Retarded Children 57-SDC-ORC.pdf
1958 The Trainable Retarded Child in Minnesota
(June 1958)
Commission Report 58-comm-rpt-trainable-child.pdf
1959 A Study of Cerebral Palsy Helen M. Wallace, M.D., Curtis Meinert, M.S., and Philip J. Englund 59-CPMN-SCP.pdf
1959 Study of the Needs of Institutions for Mentally Retarded in Minnesota Legislative Committee and Institution Committee of the Minneapolis Association for Retarded Children 59-SNI-LCI.pdf
1959 Serving Minnesota's Mentally Retarded Minnesota Interagency Committee on Mental Retardation 59-SMM-Morrison.pdf
Documents from the 1950s: Institute on Mental Deficiency – Proceedings
1948 Institute on Mental Deficiency, November 1948 University of Minnesota 48-IMD-UOM.pdf
1950 Institute on Mental Deficiency, October 1950 University of Minnesota 50-IMD-UOM.pdf
1950 The New Minnesota Mental Health Program, September 1950 Division of Public Institutions 50-MMH-DPI.pdf
1952 Institute on Mental Deficiency, January, 1952 University of Minnesota 52-IMD-UOM.pdf
1953 Study of Public School Children with Severe Retardation Maynard Reynolds, Rachel Ellis, James Kiland 53-SMR-MDE.pdf
1956 Institute on Mental Deficiency – Proceedings Reynold A. Jensen, Ed. 56-IMD-RAJ.pdf
1957 Institute on Mental Deficiency I (January 23-24, 1957) and IMD II (January 25, 1957) U of M Center for Continuation Study 57-IMD-UOM.pdf
1959 Manual of the Dept of Public Welfare Relating to Program for Mentally Deficient and Epileptic MN Dept. of Public Welfare 59-MAN-DPW.pdf
Documents from the 1950s: 1954-1956 Minnesota Mental Health Survey
1954 Dr. Harlan Paine's Survey Report E. J. Engberg 54-HPS-EJE.pdf
1954 Report of Personal Inspection of Minnesota School and Colony Harlan L. Paine 54-MSC-Paine.pdf
1954 Summary Report (September 15, 1954) Mental Health Survey Committee 54-SUR-MHS.pdf
1954 Summary Report Mental Health Survey Committee 54-SR-MHS.pdf
1954 Cambridge State School and Hospital: Comments and Recommendations Dr. Harlan L. Paine, M.D. 54-CSS-Paine.pdf
1954 Report of Personal Inspection State Schools for the Mentally Deficient Dr. Harlan L. Paine, M.D. 54-RPI-Paine.pdf
1954 Comments and Recommendations on the MN School and Colony, 10-30-54 Dr. Harlan L. Paine, M.D. 54-CRM-Paine.pdf
1954 Comments and Recommendations: Ward Sheet Dr. Harlan L. Paine, M.D. 54-WSM-Paine.pdf
1954 Comments and Recommendation: Owatonna State School Dr. Harlan L. Paine, M.D. 54-CRO-Paine.pdf
1954 The Sauk Center Home for Children Dr. Harlan L. Paine, M.D. 54-TSC-Paine.pdf
1954 The St. Cloud Section for Mental Defectives Dr. Harlan L. Paine, M.D. 54-StCloud-Paine.pdf
1955 Office Memorandum from Department Faribault State School and Hospital E.J. Engberg, M.D. Superintendent 55-OMF-Engberg.pdf
1956 Minnesota Mental Health Survey A Citizens Professional Committee 56-MHS-CPC.pdf
1966 Recommendations from 1956 Minnesota Mental Health Survey David J. Vail, M.D. 66-RMM-DJV.pdf
Minnesota Bedlam Revisited Series (1950), Geri Hoffner, Reporter, and Arthur Hager, Photographer, Minneapolis Morning Tribune

In 1950, Geri Hoffner returned to the state institutions that she had visited two years earlier and wrote a followup series. Two of the articles are picture stories prepared by Arthur Hager.

Watch the Video Interview with Geri Joseph >>

Geri Hoffner, reporter, and Art Hager, photographer for the Minneapolis Star and Tribune, lived in Minnesota's state institutions for three weeks, talking with the people housed there and viewing the unfathomable conditions that surrounded them. For the "Minnesota Bedlam" and "Minnesota Bedlam Revisited" series, Geri Hoffner received a Sigma Delta Chi citation for distinguished reporting.

1950 Minnesota Bedlam Revisited, Chapter 1, Nov 1950 Geri Hoffner 50-MBR-GHT.pdf
1950 Now They Dance in Mental Hospitals, Chapter 2, Nov 1950 Geri Hoffner 50-DMH-GHT.pdf
1950 Hospital Workers Get Better Training, Pay, Chapter 3, Nov 1950 Geri Hoffner 50-HWB-GHT.pdf
1950 Mental Hospitals Push for Staff Training, Chapter 4, Nov 1950 Geri Hoffner 50-HST-GHT.pdf
1950 Music, Color, "Stores" Brighten Hospitals, Chapter 5, Nov 1950 Geri Hoffner 50-MCS-GHT.pdf
1950 20 Helpless Patients Learn to Live Again, Chapter 6, Nov 1950 Geri Hoffner 50-PLA-GHT.pdf
1950 Mental Patients Get Better Food; State is First to Try Single Diet, Chapter 7, Nov 1950 Geri Hoffner 50-PBF-GHT.pdf
1950 State Pushes Hospital Building Program, Chapter 8, Nov 1950 Geri Hoffner 50-HBP-GHT.pdf
1950 Hospitals Receive Needed Face lifting, Chapter 9, Nov 1950 Geri Hoffner 50-HFL-GHT.pdf
1950 Hospitals Receive Needed Face Lifting Chapter 10, Nov 1950 Geri Hoffner 50-HRN-GHT.pdf
1950 Mental Patients Start to Get "Treatment," Chapter 11, Nov 1950 Arthur Hager 50-PGT-AHT.pdf
1950 State Has No More "Incurable" Patients, Chapter 12, Nov 1950 Geri Hoffner 50-NIP-GHT.pdf
1950 Much Remains to be Done in State Mental Hospitals, Chapter 13, Nov 1950 Arthur Hager 50-MRD-AHT.pdf
Documents from the 1960s
1960 Five Year Report of The Sheltering Arms School: A Day School and Research Program for Mentally Retarded Children in Cooperation with the Minneapolis Public Schools Harriet Blodgett 60-blodgett-5yr-rpt-sheltering-arms.pdf
1960 The Self-Survey Project – A Summary Evaluation Arthur Naftalin 60-SSP-ANN.pdf
1961 Report of the Commission on the Problems of the Mentally Retarded, Handicapped, and Gifted Children Commission 61-comm-prob-MR-report.pdf
1961 Report of the Commission on the Problems of the Mentally Retarded, Handicapped and Gifted Children Commission of the Mentally Retarded, Handicapped and Gifted Children 61-DOE-CTP.pdf
1961 Directives Relating to Public School Programs for Trainable Mentally Retarded Children MN DOE 61-DRP-DEPTED.pdf
1962 Public Impressions of the Mentally Retarded: Abstract of a Survey of Public Information and Attitudes Regarding Mental Retardation in Minnesota Gerald D. Hursh, Director Social Issues Research, Inc.
1962 Survey of Information and Attitudes Regarding Mental Retardation in Minnesota, Summer 1962 Social Issues Research, Inc. 62-SIR-MRM.pdf
1962 A Report of the Governor's Advisory Committee on Mental Retardation Governor's Advisory Committee on Mental Retardation 62-SMN-GAC.pdf
1963 Directives Relating to Special Education for Educable Mentally Retarded Children MN DOE 63-DRS-DEPTED.pdf
1963 Prologue Mildred Thomson 63-PRO-MT.pdf
1964 A Major Minnesota Problem The Minnesota Association for Retarded Children 64-AMM-MAR.pdf
1966 Action Speaks Louder. A Plan for Minnesota's Mentally Retarded Mental Retardation Planning Council 66-ASL-MRP.pdf
1964 Staffing in Minnesota Institutions for the Mentally Retarded, A Special Study, Abstract The Minnesota Association for Retarded Children 64-SMI-MAR.pdf
1964 Staffing in Minnesota Institutions for the Mentally Retarded, A Special Study The Minnesota Association for Retarded Children 64-SMI-MAR-2.pdf
1964 The State's Responsibility to the Mentally Ill and the Mentally Retarded Governor Karl F. Rolvaag 64-SRM-KFR.pdf
1965 Minnesota's Mental Health Program in Perspective: A Comprehensive Summary Minnesota Department of Public Welfare 65-DPW-MHP.pdf
1965 Resources for the Mentally Retarded in Minnesota 1965 Department of Public Welfare 65-DPW-RMR.pdf
1965 Levels of Patient Care at Brainerd State School and Hospital H. P. Robb 65-LPC-HPR.pdf
1965 Mental Retardation in Greater Minneapolis Family and Child Welfare Committee, Community Health and Welfare Council 65-MRG-FCW.pdf
1965 Mental Retardation – Putting the Plan into Action Governor Karl F. Rolvaag 65-MRP-KFR.pdf
1965 Policies of the Department of Public Welfare on Mental Retardation Morris Hursh, Commissioner 65-PDP-MHC.pdf
1965 Speech Delivered at Vasa Lutheran Home for Children Governor Karl F. Rolvaag 65-SDV-KFR.pdf
1965 Mental Retardation Lectures / Sheltering Arms Training Program United States Public Health Service 65-Shelter-Arms.pdf
1966 Address to the 1966 Annual Convention of the Minnesota Association for Retarded Children, Inc. European Facilities for the Mentally Retarded – How Do We Compare? Gerald F. Walsh, Executive Director, MARC 66-ACM-GFW.pdf
1966 Actions Speak Louder… Minnesota Governor's Conference on Mental Retardation Karl F. Rolvaag, Governor, State of Minnesota 66-ASL-KFR.pdf
1966 Championing the Rights of the Retarded Karl F. Rolvaag, Governor 66-CRR-KFR.pdf
1966 A Comprehensive Plan to Combat Mental Retardation in the State of Minnesota Vol. I: A Philosophy of Progress Mental Retardation Planning Council 66-CP1-MRP.pdf
1966 A Comprehensive Plan to Combat Mental Retardation in the State of Minnesota Vol. II: Array of Services: The Facilities Construction Plan Mental Retardation Planning Council 66-CP2-MRP.pdf
1966 Report on MR Programs in MN Hallvard Vislie 66-vislie-rpt-mr-prog-mn.pdf
1966 A World of the Right Size MN Dept. of Public Welfare 66-WRS-DPW.pdf
1967 Report of a Conference on Regional Residential Facilities for the Mentally Retarded MN Arc 67-DPW-CRR.pdf
1967 Daytime Activity Centers for the Mentally Retarded: Growth Toward a Goal MN ARC 67-mn-arc-dac.pdf
1967 Mental Retardation Facilities Construction Plan Minnesota Mental Retardation Planning Council 67-MRF-MMR.pdf
1967 Progress and Promise MN MR Planning Council 67-PP-MN-MRPC.pdf
1968 Planning Study For Residential Care in Minnesota Stanford Research Institute. Menlo Park, California 68-HPA-PSMN.pdf
1968 The Next Step MN Arc 68-mn-arc-next-step.pdf
1969 Minnesota's Mental Health Mental Retardation Program in Perspective. A Comprehensive Summary Education and Manpower Development, Medical Services Division 69-DPW-MRP.pdf
1969 Programs of Learning in Minnesota's Institutions for the Mentally Retarded: A Study Minnesota National Laboratory 69-SDE-PLMN.pdf
Documents from the 1970s
1970 Residential Facilities for Handicapped People in Minnesota The Minnesota Association for Retarded Children 70-MAR-RFH.pdf
1970 Mental Health and Retardation: A Position Paper on Mental Health and Mental Retardation Douglas M. Head, Candidate for Governor 70-MHR-DMH.pdf
1971 Survey of Programs for the Developmentally Disabled in Minnesota Institute for Interdisciplinary Studies, Educational and Occupational Research Division 71-SOP-EOG.pdf
1973 A Cup of Kindness Louise Whitbeck Fraser 73-COK-LWF.pdf
1973 Report on Future of State Hospitals Vera J. Likins 73-RFS-MDP.pdf
1974 Techniques Utilized by the System to Control Advocacy David Aanes and Bill Johnson 74-TUB-DABJ.pdf
1974 Welsch v. Likins, 373 F.Supp. 487
(D. Minn. February 15, 1974)
Federal Court 74-Welsch-1.pdf
1975 Developing Community Based-Residential Alternatives: A Manual for Prospective Developers MN Department of Public Welfare, Ad Hoc Committee on Community Alternatives 75-DCB-DPW.pdf
1975 Comprehensive State Plan for the Mentally Retarded and Developmentally Disabled in MN MN Department of Public Welfare, MR|DD Program Office, Comprehensive Program Bureau 75-DPW-CSP.pdf
1975 Community Alternatives and Institutional Reform: An Annotated Project Summary Developmental Disabilities Program Office, Minnesota State Planning Agency 75-SPA-APS.pdf
1975 Community Alternatives and Institutional Reform Developmental Disabilities Program Office, Minnesota State Planning Agency 75-SPA-CAI.pdf
1976 Developing Community Based-Residential Alternatives: A Manual for Prospective Developers MN Department of Public Welfare, Ad Hoc Committee on Community Alternatives 76-DPW-DCA.pdf
1976 Summary of Findings Presented to House Committee on Deinstitutionalization Special Committee On De-institutionalization 76-findings-house-comm.pdf
1976 A Historical Perspective and Service Report: 1876-1976 Antusa S. Bryan and William Funari 76-HPS-ASB.pdf
1976 Summary of Testimony Presented to House Committee on Deinstitutionalization Kevin Kenney 76-kenney-summ-test-deinst.pdf
1976 Medicaid Containment and Long Term Care in MN Volume 2 Department of Administration, Management Services Division. 76-MSD-MCC.pdf
1976 The Need for Residential Placements for the Mentally Retarded in Minnesota Governor’s Planning Council on Developmental Disabilities 76-need-res-placements.pdf
1977 Welsch v. Dirkswager, Consent Decree (December, 1977) Federal Court 77-Welsch-10.pdf
1977 Welsch v. Likins, 550 F.2d 122 (March 9, 1977) Eighth Circuit Court of Appeals 77-Welsch-9.pdf
1978 The Mental Retardation/Developmental Disabilities Service System in Minnesota Office of the Assistant Secretary for Planning and Evaluation (ASPE), Department of Health, Education, and Welfare 78-DDS-TMR.pdf
1978 Report of the Residential Care Study Advisory Council MN DPW 78-DPW-RCS.pdf
1979 State Institutions Statistical Report MN DPW 79-mn-dpw-inst-prog-stat-rpt.pdf
1979 Residential Care Study MN Department of Public Welfare 79-mn-dpw-res-care-study.pdf
1979 State Institutions Informational Brochure MN DPW 79-state-institutions-brochure.pdf
Documents from the 1970s: Minnesota Constitutional Study Commission
1972 Recommendation of State Department of Public Welfare Department of Public Welfare 72-RSD-DPW.pdf
1972 Discrimination in Transportation for the Physically Handicapped Person Barbara Andrews 72-DTP-BNA.pdf
1972 Remarks of Charles Van Heuveln Charles Van Heuveln 72-RCV-CVH.pdf
1972 Statement of Public Interest Research Group Peter H. Benzian 72-SPI-PHB.pdf
1972 Epilepsy Robert M. Lindstrom 72-EPI-RML.pdf
1972 Statement of John DuRand John DuRand 72-SJD-JDR.pdf
1972 Testimony by Robert Lovering Robert L. Lovering 72-TRL-RLL.pdf
1972 Statement of United Blind of Minnesota Lorraine Arvideson 72-SUB-LNA.pdf
1972 Testimony in Favor of an "Equal Rights for the Handicapped" Constitutional Amendment Gene O'Neil 72-ERH-GON.pdf
1972 Extracts from Bill of Rights Committee Report Minnesota Constitutional Study Commission 72-BRC-CSC.pdf
1972 The Rights of Persons in State Institutions Miriam Karlins 72-RPS-MNK.pdf
1972 Bill of Rights Committee Hearing June 21, 1972 Bill of Rights Committee 72-BRC-BRC.pdf
Documents from the 1980s
1980 Minnesota Model Standards Department of Public Welfare, MR Division 80-dpw-mr-div-mn-model-stds.pdf
1980 15. Consent Decree 9-15-80 Federal Court 80-WELSCH-15.pdf
1981 Attitudes Toward Deinstitutionalization Held By Family Members of Institutionalized Mentally Retarded Persons Jim David, Jim Morris, and John Suomala 81-david-survey-attitudes.pdf
1981 Mitchell H. Costley, et al., vs. Caromin House, Inc., and Lori Marie Osbakken, etc., et al. Minnesota Supreme Court 81-MSC-LC.pdf
1982 The Future of Minnesota’s State Hospital System MN DPW 82-mn-dpw-mn-hosp-future1.pdf
1982 Welsch v. Noot, Order on State Hospital Staffing United States District Court 82-WELSCH-22.pdf
1982 Welsch v. Noot, Order on Day Program Services United States District Court 82-WELSCH-26.pdf
1983 Funding of Service for Mental Retardation in Minnesota MN Department of Public Welfare 83-DPW-FSM.pdf
1983 A Plan of Action Department of Public Welfare 83-dpw-plan-of-action.pdf
1983 Quality Assurance Plan for State Facilities MN Department of Public Welfare 83-DPW-QAP.pdf
1983 James Swenson v. MN DPW and Kittson County Welfare Board Supreme Court of Minnesota 83-DPW-Swenson.pdf
1983 Evaluation of Community Residential Programs LAC 83-lac-eval-comm-res-prog.pdf
1983 A Preliminary Report to the Minnesota State Legislature on Developmental Achievement Centers and Semi-Independent Living Services in Minnesota MN DPW 83-mn-dpw-rpt-dacs-sils.pdf
1983 A Report to the 1983 Minnesota Legislature Task Force on Use of State Hospital Facilities 83-tf-use-sh-facilities.pdf
1984 Minnesota's Care for the Developmentally Disabled: Position Paper Council 6 AFSCME 84-afscme-dd-system-position.pdf
1984 Meeting the Crisis in Institutional Care Citizens League 84-citizens-league-meeting-crisis.pdf
1984 Evaluation of Sheltered Employment Programs (March 28, 1984) Office of the Legislative Auditor 84-leg-auditor-eval-sheltered-employ-prog.pdf
1984 Minnesota's Care System for the Developmentally Disabled: Position Paper AFSCME Council 6 84-MNC-DSB.pdf
1985 Minnesota's State Hospitals Minnesota State Planning Agency GT033.PDF
1986 Services for Persons with Developmental Disabilities: Background Information and Discussion of Issues Congressional Research Service 86-cong-rsch-svc-mr-dd.pdf
1986 Deinstitutionalization of People with Mental Retardation Office of the Legislative Auditor 86-deinst-people-mr.pdf
1986 Report to the Legislature: Public Guardianship Study Guardianship Task Force 86-GFT-PGS.pdf
1987 Quality Health Care For People with Developmental Disabilities Karen M. Pfaffinger, Richard P. Nelson, Developmental Disabilities Program of the Minnesota State Planning Agency 87-SPA-QHC.pdf
1987 Alternatives, Choices and Concerns: A Position Paper Minnesota Chapter Congress of Advocates for the Retarded, Inc. 87-mn-cong-adv-choices-concern.pdf
1988 Recommendations on Designing Client Oriented Disability Service Systems Department of Human Services Commissioner's Task Force 88-dhs-des-client-oriented-sys.pdf
1989 Negotiated Settlement 4-14-89 Parties to the Case 89-WELSCH-36.pdf
1989 Regional Treatment Center Task Force Report to the Health and Human Services Committee of the Minnesota House of Representatives Regional Treatment Center Task Force 89-RTC-RTC.pdf
Documents from the 1990s
1991 Primer on DD Services Dennis Erickson, DHS 91-erickson-dhs-primer-dd-svcs.pdf
1991 Minnesota State Plan for Downsizing Large Intermediate Care Facilities for Persons with Mental Retardation or Related Conditions MN Department of Human Services, Division for Persons with Developmental Disabilities 91-DHS-SPD.pdf
1991 Public Expenditures for Services for People with Developmental Disabilities in Minnesota Department of Administration 91-DAM-PES.pdf
1992 Evaluation of Home and Community Based Waiver U of MN 92-umn-eval-waiver.pdf
1992 Report of the Task Force on Reform of Rules and Regulations Affecting Services to Persons with Developmental Disabilities  Commissioner of Human Services 92-DHS-RRR.pdf
1992 Regional Treatment Centers: Reform Effort MN Dept. of Administration Management Analysis Division 92-reg-trmt-reform-effort.pdf
1995 Within Our Means: Tough Choices for Government Spending Arne H. Carlson, Minnesota Governor 95-WOM-TCG.pdf
1998 Caring for Our Children: A Study of TEFRA in Minnesota Minnesota Department of Health, Division of Family Health 98-DOH-TEFRA.pdf
1998 We Hold This Treasure: The Story of Gillette Children's Hospital Steven C. Koop 98-SGH-WHT.pdf
1999 Parent History Jane Birks 99-birks-parents-fight-for-chldrn-dd.pdf
Documents from the 2000s
2000 Health and Human Services Legislation Affecting Persons with Disabilities Anne L. Henry, Minnesota Disability Law Center 00-DLC-HSL.pdf
2000 Metrowide Resource Guide For Children And Adults With Developmental Disabilities And Their Families Minnesota's Self-Determination Project 00-MWR-MSD.pdf
2000 Minnesota Review and Analysis of Trends in Agency Maltreatment Reports Sheryl A. Larson, Amy S. Hewitt, Lynda Anderson, John Sauer, Susan O’Nell – The College of Education & Human Development, University of Minnesota 00-DHS-FR.pdf
2000 Issues Supporting Persons with Disabilities Task Force on Direct Support Workforce Development 00-task-force-workforce-issues.pdf
2001 Overview of Programs for Persons with Disabilities House Research Department 01-mn-hse-research-overview-programs.pdf
2001 Urgent County Alert Regarding MR/RC Waiver Allocations Steve Larson, Director, Community Supports for Minnesotans with Disabilities 01-DPS-WA.pdf
2007 The Evolution of State Operated Services MN DHS 07-DHS-ENG.pdf
2011 METO Settlement Agreement MN Office of the Attorney General 11-MSA-MAG.pdf
2011 METO Class Action Settlement Agreement Claims Process Shamus O'Meara 11-MCP-SPO.pdf
2011 METO Settlement Agreement Summary of Key Points MN Gov Council on Developmental Disabilities 11-MSS-DDC.pdf
2011 METO Settlement Agreement - Final Approved Order MN Office of the Attorney General 11-MSA-FAO.pdf