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Index of Documents

The historical documents listed on this page provide important background information to the material presented in "With an Eye to the Past." Most of these Adobe Acrobat PDF files have been converted into text-based PDF documents to permit accessibility via the built-in screen reader features contained in Acrobat Reader. Some documents contain charts and other graphics as images, and some documents could not be converted to text due to quality or formatting issues. These items cannot be read via the "Read Aloud" feature in Acrobat Reader.

Follow this link to download Acrobat Reader. Acrobat Reader Full version is recommended – it allows you to use accessibility features built into PDF files.

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Disclaimer About Language

Documents included on this website contain language reflective of the history, and that is now considered out-of-date. The following terms will be found in this section:

Feeble-Minded / Feeble Minded / Feebleminded / Feeble-Mindedness / Crippled / Deformed / Defective / Epileptic / Mental Retardation / Mentally Deficient / Idiotic / Idiots / Imbeciles / Insane / Weak-minded / Demented / Colored


Documents of particular interest, and reports and publications, from these time periods, as well as documents of that period which do not fall in any other category.

Documents Prior to 1920

Documents from 1920 to 1949

Documents from the 1950s

Documents from the 1960s

Documents from the 1970s

Documents from the 1980s

Documents from the 1990s

Documents from the 2000s


The general category includes articles and speeches by institution staff, system-wide reports, and, chronologically, other documents relating to the State Institutions in General. State Institutions: Future Planning includes individual proposals and reports and documents from joint planning efforts regarding future use of the state institutions. Welsch Documents includes orders in that action in the federal district court and related documents.

State Institutions: General

State Institutions: By Institution

State Institutions: Future Planning

Welsch Case Documents

METO Case Documents


Documents prepared by or for the Developmental Disabilities Council and its predecessors, Arc Minnesota and its predecessors and chapters, and the Minnesota Department of Human Services and its predecessor agencies.

DD Council Documents

Arc Minnesota Documents

DHS Documents


This final category organizes documents by type of service provided in community settings.

Community Based Services (CBS) Documents

Special Education Documents

Consumer Directed Support Services (CDCS)