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Video Interviews
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Pete Benner
Pete Benner, Executive Director, American Federation of State,
County and Municipal Employees (AFSCME), Council 6.
Milt Conrath
Milt Conrath, Dakota County Administrator, speaks of his early years in the field.
Luther Granquist
Luther Granquist, with Anne Henry, both of the Minnesota Disability Law Center, served as plaintiff counsel in the Welsch case.
Anne Henry
Anne Henry of the Minnesota Disability Law Center, worked with Luther Granquist on the Welsch case.
Miriam Karlins
Miriam Karlins, former official of the Department of Public Welfare, worked with medical director, David Vail, to eliminate dehumanizing practices in state institutions.
Bruce Johnson
Bruce Johnson headed an interagency task force on state hospital closings.
John Johnson
John Johnson, institutionalized from the age of 5 to age 60, now lives independently and works at an area restaurant.
Geri Joseph
Geri Joseph, reporter for the Minneapolis Morning Tribune, did a series of articles on the institutions in 1948 and 1950.
Len Levine
Len Levine, served as
Commissioner of the Department of Human Services and worked on the transition to state operated community services.
Toni Lippert
Toni Lippert speaks of her work at the Metropolitan Council as the regional planner for developmental disabilities.
Sam Newlund
Sam Newlund, Minneapolis Star Tribune reporter, with photographer Earl Seubert produced an expose in the 1960s about conditions at Faribault State Hospital.
Al Quie
Al Quie, former Minnesota Governor, reminisces about the 1956 Legislative Commission and his years of service in Congress, and discusses the future of special education.
Maynard Reynolds
Maynard Reynolds, former Chair, University of Minnesota Dept. of Special Education, speaks of his role with an interim legislative commission to study the needs and problems in Special Education
John Rynders
John Rynders, Professor,
University of Minnesota, describes the innovative Project EDGE on Down Syndrome he directed.
Jerry Walsh
Jerry Walsh, first executive director of Arc Minnesota, described the major reasons they succeeded in gaining additional funds for staffing at institutions.
Lyle Wray
Lyle Wray served as the first court appointed monitor for the Welsch case.
Molly Woerhlin
Molly Woerhlin, past President of Arc Minnesota
Eleanor Welsch
Eleanor Welsch, mother of Patty Welsch, whose parents filed the landmark federal suit over lack of care at Cambridge State Hospital.

Minnesota's Housing
Access Services Program

Minnesota's Housing Access Services program is successful in working with individuals with disabilities to find a home of their own in the community.

MN Housing Access Services Program
Cambridge State Hospital Videos
Courtesy Roger Anderson
Project Teach
Before Project TEACH
at Cambridge State Hospital
Project Teach
After Project TEACH
at Cambridge State Hospital
Recreation Activities at Cambridge
State Hospital (1960s)

Physical Therapy
Physical Therapy
at Cambridge State Hospital (1961)

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