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Strategic Planning

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Advancing the School Trust Legacy through Strategic Innovation is Minnesota's first-ever School Trust Lands Strategic Plan. Mandated by state law, the plan will guide the Office of School Trust Lands in its planning, activities, and initiatives over the coming years.

The Strategic Plan’s development was a vigorous and inclusive process that incorporated input from a wide variety of key stakeholders. This approach ensured that we had a thorough understanding of the current situation and desired future outcomes for the School Trust and its beneficiaries.The plan describes a path to achieve our mission, articulates core values for decision-making, and describes the resources and capacities need to realize those goals. It serves as our strategic direction from 2018 to 2028.

The Plan identifies four strategic goals. Each goal is supported by a number of strategies, and each strategy is supported by planned actions from which detailed operational plans will be implemented in support of the broad strategies.
2018-28 School Trust Lands Strategic Plan
Accomplishments Report
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