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Reliability & Service Standards

Electric Investor Owned Utilities (Xcel, Minnesota Power, Ottertail Power)

By law, the Commission was required to establish reliability and service standard reporting for these three electric utilities. These reporting requirements were established by rule, Chapter 7826, reports cover topics such as outages and call center times, and are reported for the previous calendar year. The Commission reviews these reports at an agenda meeting each year to ensure utilities keep providing adequate service to their customers. 

Docket Numbers

Electric Utility 2019 Docket 2020 Docket 2021 Docket
Xcel Energy 19-261 20-406 21-237
Minnesota Power 19-260 20-404 21-230
Otter Tail Power 19-254 20-401 21-225

In 2019, the Commission required the three utilities to develop webpages with a shorter summary of its electric service quality reporting information, for persons who may not want to review the entire report filed with the Commission but would like an overview. (Links when available).

Gas Utilities (CenterPoint Energy, MERC, Great Plains, Xcel Energy, Greater Minnesota Gas)

Although there is no state law requiring service standards for gas utilities, the Commission determined it was important to establish standards for investor owned natural gas utilities. The reports include information such as customer call center response times, service interruptions, emergency response times, and customer complaints.

Docket Numbers

Gas Utility 2019 Docket 2020 Docket 2021 Docket
Center Point Energy 19-300 20-453 21-303
MERC 19-303 20-456 21-313
Xcel Energy 19-305 20-460 21-301
Great Plains 19-280 20-452 21-300
Greater Minnesota Gas 19-304 20-459 21-304

The Minnesota Office of Pipeline Safety also regulates certain aspects of natural gas utility service. 

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