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About Us

The Office of Ombudsperson for Families is an independent state agency. There are three ombudspersons working with different communities of color. Each Ombudsperson works independently from but in collaboration with each of the following groups: 

The Office of Ombudsperson for Families was created in 1991 by the state legislature to provide a fair, neutral, and transparent environment between state and county agencies and families of color in Minnesota. We strengthen family connections through child welfare redesign that creates racial equity in services and improves outcomes for all children of color. We aim to ensure that children and families are protected by law in all child placement proceedings conducted by public and private agencies. To do this, the ombudsperson: receives complaints, reviews, investigates, and if appropriate, makes recommendations to remedy the complaints.

The Minnesota Legislature listens to citizens’ concerns. Addressing their concerns, specialized ombudsman programs exist to help citizens experiencing confusion, unfairness, or non-responsiveness from government agencies or programs. These programs offer free-of-charge, confidential assistance. 

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