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About the Office of the Ombuds for Corrections

What is an Ombuds

An ombuds is a government official appointed to receive and investigate complaints made by individuals against abuses or unfair acts of public officials.

The OBFC Role

The Office of the Ombuds for Corrections (OBFC) is authorized to investigate Minnesota corrections agencies “to promote the highest attainable standards of competence, efficiency, and justice in the administration of corrections.” MS § Ch. 241.90-95 

The OBFC was established as a neutral and independent investigator of complaints regarding state correctional agencies. The Ombuds may also provide policy recommendations to the Department of Corrections Commissioner, the Governor, and the Legislature.

How We Can Help

The Office of the Ombuds for Corrections: 

  • investigates complaints, 
  • investigates correctional policies and practices, 
  • publishes reports of findings, 
  • makes recommendations, and 
  • provides information to people who are currently incarcerated, their family, and community. 

The Office of the Ombuds for Corrections is separate and independent from the Department of Corrections, is accountable to the Governor, and represents the interests of Minnesotans in having an effective and just corrections system. Services are provided free of charge.

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