Graduate Agricultural education

Licensure Scholarship


The purpose of the MAELC Graduate Agricultural Education Licensure Scholarship program is to provide financial support for students completing a graduate level program to become an agriculture teacher. With a severe shortage of high school agriculture teachers, there is a tremendous need in Minnesota and nationally for more students to be licensed in Agricultural Education. This scholarship program is currently closed. Check back in October, 2024!

Eligibility - Applicant must be a current University of Minnesota-Twin Cities graduate student enrolled in an Initial or Additional Licensure program in Agricultural Education and be completing their student-teaching in Spring, 2024. Applicants who are firmly committed to teaching agricultural education in Minnesota should apply for this scholarship.

Selection - The MAELC scholarship committee will review applications and select individuals for interviews. After interviews are completed, the committee will name scholarship recipients. Selection criteria includes academic merit, passion, and commitment to become an agricultural education teacher as well as financial need. Scholarship funds will be transferred directly into student accounts of successful applicants and may affect students’ financial aid package.

Funding - Scholarships awarded up to $5,000/recipient.

Awardees will receive $3,000 during their student-teaching semester and will automatically be considered for an additional $2,000 upon meeting the following requirements:

  • Successfully completed student-teaching
  • Signed a contract to teach Agricultural Education at an approved Minnesota Agriculture, Food and Natural Resource Education program within one year of completing student-teaching
  • Continued enrollment as a University of Minnesota-Twin Cities graduate student in an Initial or Additional Licensure program in Agricultural Education

Materials - The application will require answering essay questions, and providing an unofficial transcript and resume.

Tips When Applying:

  • Applications are reviewed for both content AND quality
  • Focus responses on your current intentions related to becoming an agriculture teacher. Be sure to add information about your plans to use your agricultural education degree after graduation
  • Remember that those reviewing the application do not know you –think about what you want the committee to know as to why you are deserving of this scholarship

Application - Please be prepared to answer the following questions (300-word limit per question):

  1. What inspired you to choose the agricultural education teaching profession as your career path?
  2. How are you paying for your education? (work, loans, scholarships, family, etc.) Are there any special circumstances or issues you would like the committee to know?
  3. What are your career plans after graduating with an Agricultural Education degree? Specify how your studies at the University of Minnesota relate to your plan.

Please note: it is highly encouraged applicants type all answers in a word-processor document, then copy and paste into the application.

A printable PDF of this information is available to download - MAELC Graduate Agricultural Education Teacher Licensure Scholarship.

Questions can be directed to Kari Schwab, MAELC Program Coordinator, at or at (612) 624-6256.


Name City School Award Amount
Monica Pinkerman Eden Prairie University of Minnesota - Twin Cities $5,000
Krystal Viktora Oakland University of Minnesota - Twin Cities $5,000

2019 - 2020

Name City School Award Amount
Bailey Fuglie Forest Lake University of Minnesota - Twin Cities $5,000
Sonja Hakanson St. Paul University of Minnesota - Twin Cities $5,000
Joshua Muñoz St. Paul University of Minnesota - Twin Cities $5,000