MAELC Grants

There are many opportunities for Agricultural Educators to find additional funding and/or educational opportunities to supplement Agricultural Education programs. The following MAELC grant opportunities are a good place to start your search. Public and University libraries often have listings of grant opportunities, and most grant-giving organizations post grant program guidelines and applications on their web site.

Common Fund Grants
Designed for larger projects that have statewide impact and meet specific MAELC goals. Applications are due April 15 and November 15 each year.

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Strategic Initiatives Grants
Designed to support programing for agricultural, food and natural resource education (AFNR) at the primary, secondary, and post-secondary levels. Applications are due April 15 and November 15 each year.

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Farm Business Management Grants
Farm Business Management (FBM) Challenge and Instructor Capacity Building grants were made available to Minnesota State Colleges and Universities FBM programs. These programs may apply for funding to help cover a portion of their direct program expenses and to sustain and grow FBM faculty including supporting instructor transitions, additions and other FBM college faculty needs. Funds will be awarded to applicants who maintain and increase the number of instructors and students in their local FBM program and meet program improvement parameters. For more information about the program or eligibility, please contact the MAELC office at (612) 624-6256.

Invoices and Reporting
For more information about the grant Final Report procedures, please review the "Final Report Guidelines" (PDF).

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25% Invoice
Final Report