Mentor Programs

Research shows mentorship is important in retaining educators. MAELC invests in four agricultural educator mentor programs at the secondary, post-secondary, and Farm Business Management levels.

Teacher Induction Program (TIP)
The Minnesota Teacher Induction Program (TIP) serves as a professional learning community for new agriculture teachers, providing a positive influence in their development, efficacy, success, and retention. Participants are supported by senior mentors, Minnesota Association of Agricultural Educators (MAAE) regional mentors, and TIP staff. The TIP program has proven very successful, with an 93% retention rate between year one and year two of teaching.

For more information about TIP, visit their website or contact Dr. Amy Smith or Lavyne Rada

Resources for Professional Learning (RPL)
The Resources for Professional Learning (RPL) program provides professional development opportunities tailored to meet the needs of Minnesota's early-career agriculture teachers (3-15 years of teaching experience). These opportunities relate to networking, work-life balance, and mentoring/contributing to the profession. Involvement in the program enables participants to engage in a reflection-renewal-growth cycle, helping them to become leaders within the Agricultural Education profession while enhancing student learning and contributing to greater job satisfaction, leading to greater teacher retention.

For more information about RPL, contact Tom Appel

Post-Secondary Instructor Mentoring (PIM)
The Post-Secondary Instructor Mentoring (PIM) program supports new college faculty as they transition from industry or secondary education careers to Higher Education. The purpose of PIM is to provide professional development opportunities and to improve the retention and effectiveness of new college faculty involved in teaching agriculture career pathways in Minnesota.

For more information about PIM, contact Kari Slinden or TJ Brown

Professional Excellence Program (PEP)
The Professional Excellence Program (PEP) provides professional development for Minnesota's entry-level Farm Business Management (FBM) instructors during their first three years in the profession. As part of the program, participants develop technical knowledge and skills pertaining to Farm Business Management, including instructional and curricula design skills and program management.

For more information about PEP, contact Betsy Jensen or Keith Olander