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Work Site Monitor and Employer Information

If you are an employer or potential work site monitor, welcome to HPSP. Work site monitor involvement and reports are an essential part of the monitoring process for HPSP participants. Every participant working in his or her licensed field is required to designate a work site monitor in each work facility. Work site monitors are usually the participant's supervisor or manger, and may not be a peer. In situations where a participant is in solo practice, HPSP requires the participant to contract with an outside practitioner to provide this service.

Work Site Monitor (WSM) Forms


Work Site Monitor Information

Thank you for serving as a work site monitor for an HPSP participant. Your assistance is critical to the monitoring process. We ask work site monitors to immediately communicate concerns about the participant's behavior or work performance to the Program. We also ask to be kept apprised of any changes in the participant's position, responsibilities, work setting, or supervisor. In some cases, work site monitors are asked to ensure participants comply with practice restrictions. In these situations, case manager may provide work site monitors with documentation about what is entailed in such restrictions, as they vary by profession and work setting.
We ask HPSP participants to:
  • inform HPSP of each practice setting and identify a work site monitor in a supervisory position to which the licensee is accountable (solo practitioners must make arrangements with a qualified professional colleague that is pre-approved by HPSP);
  • immediately notify HPSP of any performance issues or disciplinary action;
  • immediately notify HPSP of any changes in employment status, setting, or work site monitor;
  • remind their work site monitor to submit a report to HPSP each quarter and ensure HPSP receives the reports; and
  • maintain current Authorizations to Exchange Protected Health Information Forms (Authorizations) for each work site monitor.
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