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Toxicology Screening Information

"I am pretty sure that urine tox screens kept me sober for the first two years; then AA got a hold of me. Now, I have a really strong program."
-quote from a former HPSP participant

If you are participating in HPSP because of a substance use disorder, toxicology screens are used as a tool for documenting your sobriety, as well as an adjunct to maintaining sobriety. Your Participation Agreement requires you to follow the Toxicology Instructions. To be successful in HPSP, we recommend you take the necessary time to become familiar with all the information and that you again review the instructions with your case manager Included in the Toxicology Instructions are the following documents:

Helpful Internet resource links

We encourage timely communication with your case manager concerning any toxicology screen problems you encounter; for example, if you forgot to call the toxicology phone number, or if you collected your specimen after the 6:00pm deadline, and so on.

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