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Current Participants

Welcome Current Participants

The tabs to the left explain aspects of monitoring related to quarterly reports, authorization forms, and toxicology screening. The information is not intended to replace communication with your case manager. Please do not hesitate to call your case manager when you have questions or concerns.

A note about emails

Due to legal constraints, your case manager will not respond to your emails via an email response. We suggest you limit emails to toxicology clearance requests, compliance reports, and medication-related documentation. We prefer that you speak with your case manager when you have questions or concerns to discuss.

Quarterly Report Due Dates

Participant self updates and all other quarterly reports required as outlined in your monitoring plan are due by the 15th of each January, April, July, and October. Please remind your treatment providers and those responsible for submitting reports to submit their reports by the dates listed above.

A note regarding medication logs

Complete medication logs to the end of the month and submit them at that time, or sooner if medications are no longer taken.
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