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Research at Minnesota SHPO

Page updated 01.03.2024

The State Historic Preservation Office makes its inventory files available to researchers, historic preservation specialists, city/county planners, and others. This page provides an overview of what files are available and how to access them for research and literature reviews.

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Record availability by type and location *Note that SHPO and OSA may have different survey reports available.

Architecture-History Inventory

Inventory forms, National Register nominations, and eligibility information for above-ground (architecture-history) properties are available in the MnSHIP application.

MnSHIP has some restricted resources for which the associated detailed information, records, and traditional forms are only available to qualified archaeologists by request.  Eligibility information for archaeology sites and archaeological report titles are obtained by submitting a database search request. Instructions for requests can be found on the Using SHPO Files page.

MnSHIP does not contain survey reports. Reports (architecture-history, archaeology, and interdisciplinary) are available by emailing If the report has been digitized, a digital copy will be provided. If the report has not yet been digitized, you can schedule an appointment to visit the SHPO Office to access the report. A list of architecture-history report titles is maintained and periodically updated on SHPO’s website.

Archaeology Inventory

Visit the OSA Portal to access the archaeology inventory. The OSA Portal has a map of archaeological sites and traditional archaeological site forms as well as information about cemeteries, burials, and burial sites that are protected under Minnesota Statute 307.08, the Private Cemeteries Act. SHPO maintains information on whether a site is listed in the National Register of Historic Places, Determined Eligible for Listing, or SHPO has concurred a site is eligible, and this information is available by request (email

MnSHIP has some restricted information related to archaeological sites. Qualified archaeologists can request this information from SHPO. SHPO maintains information about archaeological and interdisciplinary districts. The exact location and nature of these districts are not available in the MnSHIP application; however, some information is publicly available there. In order to obtain information about archaeological or interdisciplinary districts. Instructions for requests can be found on the Using SHPO Files page.

SHPO also has more than 8,000 archaeological reports. For more information on accessing archaeological reports, please visit the SHPO Using our Files page and the OSA Portal.

Note: Access to some archaeological and interdisciplinary information is limited to qualified archaeologists.

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