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Minnesota State Historic Preservation Office

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2021 quick factsThe Minnesota State Historic Preservation Office (SHPO), now a division of the Department of Administration, leads the state’s historic preservation efforts by articulating a statewide preservation vision and supporting Minnesotans who execute that vision.

Funded in part by the Historic Preservation Fund (HPF), through the Department of the Interior, our work helps local governments, state and federal agencies, the public, public officials, businesses, and nonprofit organizations understand the legal framework and financial incentives available to encourage community growth and development through historic preservation. 

Administers and coordinates state and federal preservation programs, including: 

National Register of Historic Places: The National Register is the official list of the nation’s historic places worthy of preservation. SHPO staff work with agencies, organizations and private citizens, to identify and nominate properties to the National Register. This often serves as the first step toward protecting the historic resource or obtaining financial incentives for its preservation.

Historic Resource Identification: SHPO began systematically surveying and recording Minnesota’s historic resources in 1977. Today the SHPO maintains the inventory records of over 100,000 properties, both historical and archaeological, that continues to grow with the assistance of preservation professionals, agencies and local governments.

Historic Preservation Tax Incentives: The Minnesota Rehabilitation Tax Credit, is used in conjunction with the Federal Historic Preservation Tax Incentives Program. Property owners rehabilitating historic buildings are eligible to receive federal and state income tax credits on qualifying rehabilitations. This infographic provides a snapshot of the economic impacts of the state program in 2021.

Environmental Reviews: SHPO staff review state and federal projects for their potential to affect historic resources; provide technical assistance to local, state, and federal agencies; and ensure the state’s historic resources are considered as part of project planning and development.

Certified Local Governments: CLG’s directly benefit with SHPO partnership because 10% of SHPO’s federal Historic Preservation Fund passes to local communities for preservation planning, survey and education projects.

Minnesota SHPO Success Stories

2021 preservation success stories from across Minnesota:

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