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Phone: 651-201-3287


State Historic Preservation Office
Administration Building #203
50 Sherburne Ave. 
Saint Paul, MN 55155

To use SHPO files, please email

Amy Spong
Division Director & Deputy State Historic Preservation Officer
Sarah Beimers
Environmental Review Program Manager
Leslie Coburn
Environmental Review Coordinator
Michele Decker
Administrative Specialist
Jon Discher
Communications and Grants Manager
Denis Gardner
National Register Historian
Kelly Gragg-Johnson
Environmental Review Specialist
Michael Koop
CLG Coordinator & Historic Preservation Specialist
Jim Krumrie
Cultural Resources Information Manager
David Mather
National Register Archaeologist
Catherine Sandlund
Design Reviewer
Ginny Way
National Register Architectural Historian
Natascha Wiener
Historical Architect
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