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METO Lawsuit and Jensen Settlement Agreement Documents

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On June 23, 2011, United States District Court Judge Donovan Frank signed an Order granting preliminary approval of a $3 million Class Action Settlement in the METO lawsuit.

2011 METO Settlement Agreement Documents MN Office of the Attorney General 11-MSA-MAG.pdf
2011 METO Class Action Settlement Agreement Claims Process Shamus O'Meara 11-MCP-SPO.pdf
2011 METO Settlement Agreement Summary of Key Points MN Gov. Council on Developmental Disabilities 11-MSS-DDC.pdf
2011 METO Settlement Agreement - Final Approval Order United States District Court, District of Minnesota 11-MSA-FAO.pdf
2011 "Just Plain Wrong" Office of the Ombudsman for Mental Health and Developmental Disabilities just_plain_wrong.pdf
2012 Considerations for Committee Work Regarding Minnesota Rules 9525.2700 – 9525.2810
(Known as Rule 40) (2/13/2012)
Michael Mayer and Derrick Dufresne, Community Resource Alliance METO_Rule-40-Recommendations.pdf
2012 Court Order and Memorandum Regarding Settlement Funds (2/14/2012) United States District Court District of Minnesota 09cv1775-Doc141.pdf
2012 Order in response to issues raised by the Social Security Administration regarding Settlement Funds apportioned to Class Members and their affect on Social Security benefits and eligibility for benefits (4/23/12) United States District Court District of Minnesota 09cv1775ord042312.pdf
2012 Court Order appointing an independent advisor and monitor to assess and monitor implementation of the Settlement Agreement. United States District Court District of Minnesota Jensen-Monitor-Order-July-17-2012.pdf
2012 The Promise of Olmstead: Recommendations of the Olmstead Planning Committee Olmstead Planning Committee olmstead-plan-recommendations.pdf
2013 Status Report on Compliance regarding the Jensen Settlement Agreement with the Federal District Court, District of Minnesota Court Monitor JUNE-REPORT-ALL.pdf
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