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Live Hearings

Effective July 2021, hearings and trials held in both its Minnesota Judicial Center Courtroom and remotely may be streamed live, and if so, will be accessible through this page. Upcoming live streams, if available, are announced on the court’s Upcoming Events page by viewing the court’s calendar for the next two weeks. A notation the event will be livestreamed via Zoom will be provided in the calendar if the hearing or trial will be streamed live.

To watch a scheduled livestream, visit the Tax Court YouTube channel.
(If no videos appear in the channel, it means we are not currently livestreaming at this time. Check our Upcoming Events calendar for the next scheduled livestream.) 

Live streaming is available to the extent technology permits and does not compromise the ability of the court to conduct a full and fair proceeding. 

Tax court proceedings are not archived for future viewing and are available only for viewing only during the live stream. No recording or broadcasting of any proceeding is authorized other than as provided in the remote trial order. The official record of a tax court proceeding is the stenographic record prepare by the court reporter. Tax court hearings are public. Minn. Stat. § 271.06, subd. 6. The court does not maintain a record of the identity of individuals viewing live streamed proceedings accessed through this site. No registration is required.

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