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The 6th Project SEARCH site started September 2015 in Rochester at the Mayo Clinic. Mayo Clinic provides the highest quality patient care by placing the needs of the patients first. At Mayo Clinic, you'll discover a culture of teamwork, professionalism and mutual respect. Mayo Clinic is committed to creating a caring service environment while ensuring that individual differences are valued at every level of the organization. Our mission is to be recognized by patients, employees, peer institutions and the community as the leading model for diversity and inclusion.

Mayo Clinic in Rochester is celebrating its first anniversary with Project SEARCH. From the perspectives and experiences of many people, particularly the young adults who had the opportunity to work there as interns, this has been a very successful year – "I learned new skills and how to work as a team;" "motivated and succeeding and, for the first time, seeing something worth working hard at." As a result, the program will be expanded this next year.

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Children's Hospitals 2014/2015 Interns

Media Support Services Internship

There are over 50,000 forms within the Mayo Clinic Health System, each requiring a MCHS number. Interns can be found at the computer working with spreadsheets and excel forms, assigning hundreds of the forms numbers, and saving them as a pdf. They complete projects for multiple departments within the Mayo Clinic System. Interns also work in the Print Shop assembling DVD's for patient education and training.

Children's Hospitals 2014/2015 Interns

Food Services Internship

This intern's smile engages everyone as he works in both the Patient/Visitor Cafeteria and the Employee Cafeteria in the Eisenberg Building on the Methodist Hospital Campus. Interns assist patients with their trays, stock and straighten coolers, wipe tray slides and sneeze guards, and keep the dining area in the cafeteria "cleaner than it's ever been"!

Children's Hospitals 2014/2015 Interns

Comparative Medicine Internship

Due to the highly regulated and controlled environment, interns receive additional training and learn the protocols for preparing materials for use in animal research. They roll gowns, stock supplies, and operate the autoclave. Interns look forward to the days they spend time caring for the animals by providing enrichment activities.

Children's Hospitals 2014/2015 Interns

Environmental Services Internship

his is the most visible of the internships. Hundreds of people pass every day while the interns are cleaning sections of the two main buildings on the Downtown Campus. Five of the six entries into the buildings are cleaned. Glass has become our "friend" as we address the never-ending challenge of wiping the fingerprints from the balcony after the many musical performances in the courtyard. Interns continue to discover additional areas to add to their routine as they receive the "thanks" of visiting patients and families.

Children's Hospitals 2014/2015 Interns

Health Sciences/Biobank Internship

Biobank has reached its goal! 50,000 participants have consented to provide a blood sample and complete the questionnaire contributing to DNA and other research. Interns continue to send out hundreds of enrollment packets to increase the number. They place a label on each insert in an enrollment packet which is addressed to a specific patient. Accuracy is critical and our interns maintain their focus to meet the high standards!

Children's Hospitals 2014/2015 Interns
The Project SEARCH interns understand the significance of their daily contributions as part of the Mayo Clinic family where every act reflects,
"…the needs of the patient comes first".