Beginning a Project SEARCH Program Site

If you're just learning about Project SEARCH, the first step is to explore the website at

Once you have a good grasp of the Project SEARCH model, the second step is to coordinate a local meeting with all the partners represented. The following groups must be represented and on board to begin the program:

Once a host business is identified, it takes between eight and twelve months to fully plan and implement a successful Project SEARCH program site.  Implementation training consists of an overview of the Project SEARCH model and will ensure that all partners are committed to implementing the program.

Once all the partners are committed, the third step is that one of the partners needs to sign the Project SEARCH licensing agreement and contract for on-site Technical Assistance and access to our copyrighted materials.

The final step is a Project SEARCH Program team member from Cincinnati will provide the initial on-site Technical Assistance.
Technical assistance from the Project SEARCH Program Specialist can continue, as needed, to facilitate the implementation of a Project SEARCH program in your area. You will receive all copyrighted Project SEARCH materials and documents once there is a signed license agreement.

For more information, please contact:


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