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How to File a Complaint


In accordance with the Minnesota Government Data Practices Act, the Office of Ombudsperson for Families is required to inform you of your rights as they pertain to the private information collected from you. The personal information we collect from you is private and any information you provide is voluntary. You are not legally required to provide any information. However, should you decide not to provide the information, we may not be able to assist you because we will not have the required information.

There are two ways to file and complete the Case Intake Form

  1. Download and complete the Case Intake Form then send it by fax to 651-643-2539 or email 

  2. Or  Fill the form out online 

American Indian or Alaska Native Children 
Does your case involve a child who may have American Indian or Alaska Native heritage? Visit the website of the Office of Ombudsperson for American Indian Families (OAIF) Reach out directly to the Ombudsperson for American Indian Families: or by calling:  651-592-1953 

 If you have questions or require help with the form - call 651-539-1257 to speak to our Intake Specialist
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