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Social Media Policy

Social media helps the Olmstead Implementation Office (OIO) connect with community members. Through posts, videos, polls, and more, OIO can share important information with the community. Social media also helps community members share experiences and feedback with OIO. 


Social media are third-party platforms. OIO does not have full control over the privacy of community members who use that platform. Each social media platform has different privacy policies.  

Your interactions with OIO on social media are public information. This is part of the Minnesota State Government Data Practices Act (Minn. Stat. Chapter 13). Please be careful when you share private information with OIO on social media. 


Social media is not an endorsement. OIO might follow other social media accounts, share third-party content, or link to another website. However, OIO does not endorse that account, content, or website. OIO is not responsible for the content of these links or websites. 

Comments and messages will be reviewed and responded to by OIO staff. Inappropriate content will be removed. Inappropriate content includes: 

Graphic, obscene, explicit, or racially offensive content; 

Hate speech or name-calling; 

Advertisements, including promotions or endorsements for businesses, organizations, or candidates running for political office; 

Advocating for illegal activity; 

Threats of violence; 

Copyright infringement; 

Spam (content posted repeatedly). 


Social media are third-party platforms. OIO does not have full control over the accessibility of these platforms. However, OIO does take steps for better access. This includes: 

To the best of their ability, OIO staff will write all content in plain language; 

All images and videos will have alt tags or descriptive text; 

All videos will have captions; 

To the best of their ability, OIO staff will make visuals that have high-contrast and at least size 14pt text. 

Website Forms 

You might include private information when filling out a form on this website. Private information could include name, address, disability, and more. OIO will only use this information for the original purpose of the form. 

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