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Ombuds for Corrections Reports

OBFC Annual Report 2021


This 2021 annual report summarizes the work of the OBFC in its second year of operations. The OBFC has continued to fulfill its important statutory role of promoting “the highest attainable standards of competence, efficiency, and justice in the administration of corrections,” and is now firmly established to continue doing so into the future. 

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OBFC Annual Report 2021

OBFC Disability Modifications Report

The OBFC recently worked with the DOC on better processes for following Disability Modification policy.
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OBFC Discipline Investigations

The OBFC recently completed investigations into two separate discipline cases.

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OBFC Report on Video Visiting Restrictions

The Office of the Ombuds for Corrections (OBFC) received a complaint from MCF-Oak Park Heights in September 2021, regarding video visiting not being permitted for incarcerated persons who fall under video visiting restrictions during times when in-person visiting is closed and the only option is by video. The OBFC found that while prohibiting unsupervised video visiting is understandable for some individuals, when video visiting is the only option for any visiting, prohibiting video visiting has an unfair impact that unnecessarily limits an activity that supports restoration and a safer correctional setting.
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OBFC Investigative Report on CIP Random Drug Testing

The Office of the Ombuds for Corrections (OBFC) received a complaint that random Point-of-Care Testing (POCT) /Urinalysis in the Challenge Incarceration Program (CIP) was leading to segregation, disruption to programming, and loss of program time based on unconfirmed test results that later turned out to be negative.
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OBFC Investigative Report on Property Intake

This is a report regarding investigation of an incident that occurred at MCF-St. Cloud. Complainant’s personal religious writings were discarded upon intake without him being given an opportunity to have them shipped as allowed by policy. The OBFC found that several Department of Corrections (DOC) policies were violated by staff, and some policies should be revised.
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OBFC Report on DOC Grievance Policies

This is a report and recommendations regarding Department of Corrections grievance policies.
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OBFC Strengthening Families Report 

This is a report on supporting the families of people incarcerated in Minnesota prisons.
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OBFC Use of Force Investigation Report 

This report provides a summary of an OBFC investigation into a staff use of force incident at MCF-Moose Lake, OBFC's recommendations, and the Minnesota Department of Corrections response.

OBFC COVID-19 Report 

This report provides an overview of corrections response during the COVID-19 pandemic thus far and includes recommendations and considerations for review. 

OBFC Annual Report 2020

This 2020 annual report recaps work by the OBFC over its first year of operations. The Minnesota Legislature created the OBFC anew to accept and investigate complaints regarding corrections agency actions, provide oversight, and recommend systemic improvements that promote high standards in the administration of corrections and help keep the state’s correctional facilities safe and secure.
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