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Supplemental Resources

History »

Additional insights into the origins and evolution of institutions, the rise of the institutional model, and the realities of congregated, segregated, and isolated living conditions; and the movements that challenged perceptions and changed the thinking about individuals with disabilities.

Inclusive Education »

General resources materials about special education, Minnesota fact sheets, Minnesota maltreatment and emergency planning resources, and Minnesota Department of Education.

The County (Local Government) RoleĀ in Developmental Disabilities »

Programs, services, and supports available to individuals with developmental disabilities and families (state specific) and delivered by the county/local government; a few national resources are included

Personal Living, and Supported and Customized Employment »

The full range of housing options, housing rights, and universal design are included as well as job searching and finding employment in diverse business environments from an employee/employer perspective.

Community Organizing »

The concepts and principles behind community organizing are at the heart of systems change, and take into account the many skills and abilities that each person brings to the neighborhood and community for the common good of all.

State Legislative Process »

A citizenship government relies on the partnerships and relationships of elected public officials and other policymakers, and their constituents to influence and realize positive systems change about state legislative issues.

Federal Issues »

Policies that affect individuals with developmental disabilities and families in all states require that partnerships and relationships are established and strengthened with members of a state's Congressional delegation.

Graduation - Applying the Partners Experience »

Tips, tools, and guidelines for making the best use of the new knowledge and practical skills acquired during the Partners program.