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Servant Leadership

“If not us, then who? If not now, then when?” – John E. Lewis

Public servants answer to a higher calling of responsibility. We are motivated by community, empathy, and justice.  We have accepted this grand obligation, and we seek outcomes that have the most benefit to the well-being of Minnesotans. We must not take our work for granted, nor forget this responsibility as we grow our careers in government. 

On his second day in office, Governor Tim Walz renewed the state’s commitment to equity and inclusion through his very first Executive Order (19-01), establishing the One Minnesota Council on Inclusion and Equity. The order states that: “In Minnesota, we know we are all better off together…Diversity, inclusion, and equity are therefore essential core values and top priorities to achieve One Minnesota.” It is our duty to serve Minnesotans in allyship, and work with our peers across the enterprise to make the best choices for our friends, family, and neighbors across our state. 

A title is not a shield or excuse to stray from our mission of service. Holding a leadership position means holding ourselves and others accountable for mistakes, behaviors, and growth. Apologize for the mistakes you make and put effort into repairing damages. Conduct yourself professionally and treat everyone with respect. Be a lifelong learner, staying informed on creative workplace solutions, current events, and social issues. 

It should feel like an honor, not a burden, to be transparent about our work and decision-making processes. We owe it to Minnesota as our home, and our employer, to lead with integrity and use our voice to advocate for others. 

Resources from the Enterprise 

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