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Leading Others

Find resources and advice to assist you in setting a good example, improving your interpersonal skills and emotional intelligence, and leading your immediate team or leading one-on-one.

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Building Relationships

Trust is built when you come through for others, and you give the opportunity for others to come through for you.

Coaching, Supporting, and Developing Employees

Coming soon! Good leaders help others reach their goals and uplift others. 

Conflict Management

Foster respect, responsibility, and communication, and don't allow conflict to overshadow team values or goals. 

Fostering Motivation and Engagement

Coming soon! You can support the state's retention efforts by creating a work environment that employees are proud to be a part of. 

Managing Change

Have patience for yourself and others as you tackle changes and learn together as a team.

Onboarding Others

Onboarding goes way beyond orientation – welcome new team members with continuous support to help them integrate their skills into the enterprise. 

Performance Feedback

Coming soon! Approach learning opportunities with optimism, and find resources to help your employees reach the next level. 

Psychological Safety

Everyone should feel comfortable sharing ideas, admitting mistakes, and taking time for personal development and well-being. 

Thinking Strategically

Practice asking yourself the right questions to train your brain to approach projects differently. 

Participatory Leadership

You don't have to do everything on your own – utilize the skills of your team to help make decisions and encourage engagement. 

Servant Leadership

Public servants answer to a higher calling of responsibility. We are motivated by community, empathy, and justice for all Minnesotans. 

Something Missing?

The Leadership Learning Hub is a collaborative space – please participate!

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