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Title: Certificate of Need
Alternate Title:
Description: Minnesota Public Utilities Commission (PUC)
Subject: Energy Facilities
Creation Date: 9/11/2008 2:11:37 PM
Modification Date: 10/11/2023 8:28:35 AM
Agency Name: Public Utilities Commission (PUC), Minnesota
Agency URL:
Agency Description: The Minnesota Public Utilities Commission (PUC) regulates three service industries in Minnesota, electricity, natural gas, and telephone. It is the commission's responsibility to ensure that vendors of these services provide safe, adequate, and reliable service at fair, reasonable rates.
Agency Phone: 651-296-0406
Agency Fax: 651-297-7073
Agency URL:
Agency Address:
121 7th Place East, Suite 350

St. Paul
MN 55101-2147

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See Certificate of Need

A certificate of need (CN) is a document issued by the Minnesota Public Utilities Commission (Commission) that shows there is a need for the power produced. A CN is needed to build a large energy facility unless the applicant can show that the demand for the electricity cannot be met more cost effectively by other measures. There are exemptions to the requirement listed in statute.

There are two methods used for the review of applications for certificates of need: informal review process and contested case. Most certificate of need applications are examined using the informal review process. If there is known controversy related to a proposed large energy project or if the Commission believes there are issues about the project that should be examined more closely, they may choose the contested case process.

Full Process Review

Rules: 7849

Statutes: 216B.2421


The fees vary by type of facility, as does the amount that must accompany the application. The fee rules are Minn. Rules 7849.0210, Minn. Rules 7851.0210, Minn. Rules 7853.0210, and Minn. Rules 7855.0210

The Commission will bill an applicant for additional costs beyond the set fees.

Additional fees may be required to cover costs of any rehearing.

Period of Issuance:

The certificate of need is a construction permit, not an operating permit. As a result, the permit does not expire or have to be renewed (although the Commission possibly could withdraw a certificate of need if construction does not commence within a reasonable, but unspecified, amount of time).

Length of Determination: The statute provides an advisory deadline of twelve months (from the time a complete application is filed until a written decision is rendered). The Commission may extend this time period for just cause.
Other Info:
Activity: Energy Facilities
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Certificate of Need

Energy Facilities Permitting

Public Utilities Commission (PUC), Minnesota

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MN Public Utilities Commission (PUC)


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