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eDockets is the electronic docket system of the Commission. eDockets was developed to process and manage public information about the Minnesota Public Utilities Commission’s official cases and rule-making proceedings, officially called dockets.

About eDocket Numbers

A Docket number is assigned to each case (docket) filed with the PUC. A docket number follows this format: E-999/M-15/4321. The eDockets number is the key to finding information about a docket. Check out the docket key for help with docket numbers.


All documents filed in a docket are in our eDockets system. eDockets is like an online filing cabinet. You may view documents filed in eDockets.

1. eDockets

2. Enter the year and the number (for example, for docket 21-4321, 21 is the year and 4321 is the number)

3. Select Search and the list of documents will appear on the next page.

Need help? Try eDocket Search Help


Anyone interested in case proceedings conducted by the Commission may visit the eDockets website and view information about opened and closes cases. All documents that are not confidential are available.

Users with eDocket accounts may submit filings of applications, petitions, motions, and so forth, directly to the PUC online.


Subscribe to receive email notifications when new documents are added to a docket.

1. Select, Subscribe to Dockets

2. Enter your email address 

3. For Type of Subscription, Select Docket Number

4. For Docket number, select the year in the first box, type the docket number in the second box

5. Select Add to List, then Save

Access eDockets & Dockets Open for Comment


All filings are available via the Commission’s electronic document management system, eDockets. With a very robust search tool, you can easily access documents of interest by a variety of searches.

Open for Comment

Click below for a list of dockets with Notices that guide interested members of the public and groups through the commenting process.   



Your Impact

Our decision-making is better when we hear from Minnesotans like you.

Public input is essential to a fair and reasonable decision making process. Members of the public are encouraged to provide comments on any case before the MN PUC at any time and are also welcome to send comments to, or to contact, the MN PUC about regulatory matter or subject of interest related to the MN PUC's work.

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