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Title: Route Permit for High Voltage Transmission Lines
Alternate Title:
Description: Minnesota Public Utilities Commission (PUC)
Subject: Energy
Creation Date: 9/11/2008 2:17:03 PM
Modification Date: 9/11/2019 1:01:47 PM
Agency Name: Public Utilities Commission (PUC), Minnesota
Agency URL:
Agency Description: The Minnesota Public Utilities Commission (PUC) regulates three service industries in Minnesota, electricity, natural gas, and telephone. It is the commission's responsibility to ensure that vendors of these services provide safe, adequate, and reliable service at fair, reasonable rates.
Agency Phone: 651-296-7124
Agency Fax: 651-297-7073
Agency URL:
Agency Address:
121 7th Place East, Suite 350

St. Paul
MN 55101-2147

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Any proposed power line 100 kilovolts or more must obtain a route permit from the Public Utilities Commission, although an applicant has the option to seek local approval for power lines under 200 kilovolts and certain other lines specified in Minn. Stat. Chapter 216E 

Permit Application:

-statement of proposed ownership.

-at least two proposed routes for the proposed High Voltage
 Transmission Line (HVTL).

-a description of the proposed HVTL and all associated facilities,
 including the size and type of HVTL 

-section maps showing the entire length of the HVTL on all
 proposed routes.

-identification of all existing rights-of-way along or parallel to
 the proposed routes.

-engineering and operational design concepts for the proposed HVTL 

-cost analysis of each route.

-a description of possible design options to accommodate expansion
 of the transmission capacity in the future.

-listing and brief description of federal and state permits that may be
 required for the proposed HVTL 

-a copy of the Certificate of Need or the Certified HVTL List containing
 the proposed HVTL 

-substantial information regarding the human and environmental impacts
 associated with the facility to be used in preparing an environmental impact
 statement or environmental assessment.

Permit Process:

~Public Notice
~Public Meetings
~An environmental impact statement or environmental assessment
~Contested Case Hearing conducted by administrative law judge.
~Citizen advisory task force may be appointed to help identify alternative routes.

1. An alternative permitting process is available for certain smaller-size transmission lines identified in the statute. This alternative process does not require identification of an alternative route, the preparation of an Environmental Impact Statement (a shorter Environmental Assessment is required) nor the holding of a hearing conducted by an administrative law judge (a hearing conducted by the agency is required). This alternative process must be completed in six months from the time the application is accepted. Minn. Stat. Chapter 216E  

2. A certificate of need for the project from the Minnesota Public Utilities Commission or placement of the project on a Certified HVTL List adopted by the PUC is required for all but a few smaller transmission lines before the PUC can issue a route permit. 

See the Minnesota Power Plant Siting Act, Minn. Stat. Chapter 216E 

For further information about the Public Utilities Commission permits, or other activities of the PUC, visit the PUC website.

Rules: 7850

Statutes: 216E


No specific form. Application requirements are described in Minn. Rules 7850


Necessary and reasonable costs incurred in acting on the permit application and carrying out the statutory requirements.

Period of Issuance:

Indefinite; the life of the high-voltage line.

Length of Determination: Permit must be issued within one year of accepting the application, with a possible 90 day extension for just cause.
Other Info:
Activity: High Voltage Transmission Lines
License Detail URL:

Public Utilities Commission (PUC), Minnesota

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MN Public Utilities Commission (PUC)

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