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Application: PTA Licensed in Another State

We recommend reading the instructions enclosed in the document below titled "PTA Instructions and Application Forms - Another State" prior to beginning your application process.

PTA Instructions and Application Forms - Another State (Accompanies online application submission)

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Step by step instructions for submitting an online application: Help Document - How Do I Complete An Online Application

Application Information and Frequently Asked Questions

Please thoroughly review the document above titled "PTA Instructions and Application Forms - Another State" before submitting your application. Any processing fees incurred are your responsibility. Please note: most forms required for your application are contained in the above titled document "PTA Instructions and Application Forms - Another State". 

Click "Online Application" above to get started on submission of the online application.

Please note: Before beginning the online application process you will need to have detailed information available, including: social security number or alien card number or Tax ID number; if applicable, other licenses or registration numbers, date issued, and expiration dates; record of clinic affiliations (including: facility name, address, phone number, time frame you were there (mm/yyyy to mm/yyyy) and two references, preferably 2 PTs, for each location with address and phone number)


These forms may be mailed to the Board office prior to submission of your licensure application and fees. They will be placed in a pending file until your application file is opened. After your file is opened – you will receive an email in regards to your online application/account. You may view your application checklist online. If an item is marked “completed” no further action is required

  • FORM-RECOMMENDATION: Two recommendation forms (total) submitted by two physical therapists registered or licensed to practice physical therapy in the United States or Canada. (Choose two physical therapist references from those listed on the practice location section of your application to complete the recommendation forms. They must be mailed in a sealed envelope directly to the Board office by the individual filling out the form) 
  • FORM-AFFIDAVIT OF APPLICANT: A recent full faced 2x3 photograph (printed on photo paper) of the applicant affixed to the Affidavit of Applicant form, completed and notarized. (Please note: this form requires 2 notary stamps).
  • DOCUMENT-TRANSCRIPT: Evidence satisfactory to the board that the applicant has met the educational requirements of Minnesota Statutes section 148.721 or 148.722 as demonstrated by a certified copy of a transcript. (The official transcript with the DEGREE GRANTED DATE must be sent MN Board of PT office from the school via secure email or in a sealed envelope)
  • FORM-CERTIFICATION OF EDUCATION: Must be completed and mailed from the University/College directly to the Minnesota Board of Physical Therapy Board Office. This form is to be mailed from your school not more than 13 weeks prior to graduation. 
  • FORM-EMPLOYMENT VERIFICATION: A record of the applicant’s current and previous physical therapy practice experience. (Employment verifications forms from each of your employers during the past 5 years).
  • VERIFICATION OF LICENSE: Please have your license verification sent directly to the Board office from each state/country you are or have been licensed.
  • FORM-MALPRACTICE HISTORY: A person who has previously practiced in another state shall submit the following additional information with the license application for the five-year period of active practice preceding the date of filing application in this state


If you have specific questions about the application process, please call 612-627-5406, fax 651-797-1377, or e-mail:

Address all written correspondence to: MN Board of Physical Therapy 335 Randolph Avenue, Suite 285, St. Paul, MN 55102


If any part of this Fact Sheet conflicts with the Minnesota rules or laws, the rules or laws take precedence. It is your responsibility to understand and comply with the regulations. Please call if you have any questions

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