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Types of Data

Government runs on data. Data are treated differently depending on their classification. Learn more about specific types of data below.

Contracting Data

Learn more about the data created when government contracts with private parties.

Copyright Information

Explore the intersection between the Federal Copyright Act and data practices.

Education Data

Both federal and state law apply to student records. Learn more here.

Notification and Subscription Data

Information about how your contact information is classified when you join a notification/subscription listserv.

Law Enforcement Data

Law enforcement agencies collect, create, and use a variety of information, which is classified by different laws.

Patient Data

Learn about the treatment of medical records and information.

Personnel Data

Research how data about government employees and applicants are classified.

Security Information

Government entities may protect some public data as security information. Learn more here.

Social Security Numbers

Social security numbers must be protected in government hands and government must provide notice upon collection.

Survey Data

When a government entity conducts a survey, some data are public and some data are not public. 

Trade Secrets

Some information third parties submit to government may be protected as trade secret.

Traffic Accident Data

Find out more about state crash reports and information about car accidents.

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