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Step 4: Identify what it will cost

This step involves pricing the appropriate assistive technology and identifying purchasing options. It is important to show why the device and any accessories are justified because the funding source will almost certainly be concerned with the cost. The dealer may be able to help you by providing the necessary justification.

Some funding sources, such as Medicaid and Medicare, only purchase devices from designated Durable Medical Equipment (MDE) dealers. If your plan to approach one of these sources, you will have to locate such a dealer and price the devices.

 Essential documentation to include with your request for funding:

  • Literature with device features, specifications, and costs
  • An explanation of how the specific features of the device meet your unique needs
  • Explanation of your functional skills without the device and how your skills will be improved with the assistive technology.
  • Proof of reasonable and cost-effective charges. If necessary, state why alternative devices, including those that may be less expensive, do not meet your needs.
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