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Step 5: Determine if alternative devices will meet your needs

Funding assistance for buying assistive technology may be limited; therefore, you may need to see if alternative devices meet your needs. You should investigate such alternatives in advance of applying for assistance. You want to be as prepared as possible in order to help the organization process your request.

When deciding what devices and/or services are to be secured, it must be determined if the charge is reasonable and a customary rate. The funding source might have to be convinced that the assistive technology is cost effective.

To assist in determining if a request is reasonable and cost effective, be prepared to answer the following questions, and be sure to document your findings:

  • Is there a way to make this device?
  • Can it be borrowed from a device loan program?
  • Is the expense reasonable when compared to the therapeutic benefit?
  • Is the device or service more costly than another option or alternative?
  • Does the device serve the same purpose as a device I already have?

If there are no alternative devices that can be found that will meet your particular need, be sure to document your facts. Remember, do not let the cost of the assistive technology preclude the selection of the right aid, device, or adaption for you. The process of matching technology features to your needs is crucial to the successful use of the device once it is acquired.

Trials with desired devices and alternative devices are the best way to determine a match. Remember to document the results of each device trial

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