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Step 8: Receiving your response

You have defined your needs, identified the assistive technology that can help, gathered all the documents needed, determined the costs, listed your potential funding sources, and completed all the paperwork and sent in the request.

Now comes the hard part … waiting for a response.

It bears repeating, finding the proper funding source and getting a “yes” is seldom easy. With time and perseverance, you will receive an answer. Your answer will typically be in writing and should list the amount of money that has been authorized toward the purchase of the specified assistive technology.

If you receive the amount in full, the vendor will then be able to process the order and secure the device.

If funding is denied, you can

  • look for other funding options (Step 9),  or
  • choose to begin the appeal process (Step 10)

If you plan to appeal, you must submit a written appeal to the county of financial responsibility or to the Department of Human Services within 30 days after receiving written notice of denial, or within 90 days, if a good cause for delay can be shown. The Commissioner of the Department of Human Services will issue an order following a hearing conducted, at no cost to the person seeking funding

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