Eleanor Welsch (Part 3)

Mother of Patty Welsch, whose parents filed the landmark Federal suit over lack of care at Cambridge State Hospital

Group Homes are a "Godsend "

(Run time 2:31)

Things got worse, and my husband said, "This is it. We're going to do something about it."

So that's when he notified or told... talked to Luther and the Legal Aid attorneys. And they said, "Yes, we will go up and see."

And they visited, saw for themselves the conditions up there, which were inhumane—no furniture, because they would stumble and bump themselves on the furniture, so they were... it was just bare rooms.

And so they started this case in 1972. It took about seven, eight years, and continued to monitor the place. And different families knew about it then, after they heard about Dick starting this suit against the State.

They joined in, and finally, with the help of the Honorable Judge Larson, after seven, eight years, why, it was closed. And then they looked around for group homes and started those, which is... it's a godsend. Those group homes are wonderful. Well taken care of there, and Patty likes it there. It's almost one to one care.

And we have her come home about twice a month. She's happy to come home, and she knows her room and she remembers where she puts things. Before she leaves she will check to see if everything is still in her room.

But in a little bit... in an hour or so... and I always have her favorite foods for her. She goes in the refrigerator the first thing and checks things out. And happy to be home, but in about an hour she is ready to go back. She likes it over there. She misses her friends. And she has... she has two homes. Because she likes her home here, but just for a while, because there is nothing for her to do here. She likes to go back where her people of her same degree is over there, and that's what wants to do.