Maynard Reynolds

Maynard Reynolds, Former Chair, University of Minnesota, Department of Special Education, speaks of his role with an Interim Legislative Commission to study the needs and problems in Special Education

(Run time 1:33)

A real partnership developed, I think, between a good many of the professional people. And there were larger and increasing numbers of them. Working with the parents and I think they were able to...

We brought, we helped bring together, I think, quite a few, different parent groups and others, and, began to lay out what we thought should be done. And contacted legislators and others. There was a rather remarkable development beginning in 1955, when the state legislature established an interim commission to study the problems in the area.

And Elmer L. Andersen, that's Andersen with an "e-n" at the end was the very distinguished chairman of that interim commission. And I worked quite closely with them and two years later, that is, in 1957, they brought a package of proposals to the legislature. And they were accepted. And the appropriations were improved. I think that modern special education in Minnesota can be dated back to the work of that interim commission and the results that they had in 1957.