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State Laws

The Minnesota Veterans Preference Act (VPA)

The Minnesota Veterans Preference Act (VPA) grants most Veterans a limited preference over non-Veterans in hiring and promotion for most Minnesota public employment positions, as granted in Minnesota Statutes 197.48, 43A.11, and 197.455. These statues may apply to certain spouses of Veterans. The Minnesota VPA Statutes apply to Minnesota public employment, "civil service laws, charter provisions, ordinances, rules or regulations of a county, city, town, school district, or other municipality or political subdivision of this state."

For Minnesota VPA purposes, Minnesota Statute 197.447 provides the definition/eligibility requirements of "Veteran." Minnesota Statute 197.46 grants most Veterans protection against unfair dismissals and demotions from most Minnesota public positions, without first providing the Veteran a VPA hearing. Spouses of Veterans are not included. Minnesota Statute 197.46 exempts the following public positions, "Nothing in section 197.455 or this section (197.46) shall be construed to apply to the position of private secretary, superintendent of schools, or one chief deputy of any elected official or head of a department, or to any person holding a strictly confidential relation to the appointing officer."


2012 Veterans Employment Application Form (Example)

2012 Veterans Preference Termination Notice (Example)

Veterans Preference Act Resource Briefing for Employers

Definition of Veteran by state statute

The following provides a general overview of the categories included under the MN VPA. You are encouraged to review the statutes for additional information. Should you require legal interpretation or advise you are encouraged to consult an attorney.



General Overview

*Should not be considered legal advice

Nondisabled Veteran’s Credit

MN Statute 197.455, Subd. 4

10 Veterans Preference (VP) points may be awarded for local government positions

Disabled Veteran’s Credit

15 VP points for disabled Veterans may be awarded for local government positions

Direct Appointment to State Jobs

MN Statute 43A.111

Authorization to directly appoint a disabled Veteran to a state job

Veterans Preference in State Jobs

MN Statute 43A.11

Each recently separated Veteran who meets minimum qualifications for a vacant position and has claimed a Veterans or disabled Veterans preference must be considered for the position. The top five recently separated Veterans must be granted an interview for the position by the hiring authority.

Recruitment of Veterans in State Employment

MN Statute 43A.09

Special emphasis shall be given to recruitment of Veterans and protected group members to assist state agencies in meeting affirmative action goals to achieve a balanced work force.

Veterans Preference in MN Private Sector Employment

MN Statute 197.4551

A private, nonpublic employer may grant preference to a Veteran in hiring and promotion.

Veteran-owned Small Business preference in State and County Contracts

MN Statute 161.321

A preference to certified Veteran-owned small businesses in awarding state contracts may be granted.

Termination Hearing Process

MN Statute 197.46

No person holding a position by appointment or employment in the several counties, cities, towns, school districts and all other political subdivisions in the state, who is a Veteran separated from the military service under honorable conditions, shall be removed from such position or employment except for incompetency or misconduct shown after a hearing, upon due notice, upon stated charges, in writing.

For questions or more information, please contact MDVA's Veterans Preference Representative at (651) 757-1568 .

Federal Laws

The U.S. Department of Labor provides a summary of job rights for Veterans and Reserve Component Members.

For questions or more information about U.S. Department of Labor employment and training programs for Veterans, contact the Minnesota Director of Veterans' Employment and Training Service at (651) 259-7511/7512 or via email at