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How to Get Involved

Our decision-making is better when we hear from Minnesotans like you. Public input is essential to a fair and reasonable decision making process.

How to Submit a Comment

1. Online comments can be submitted using the form below.

2. Written Form comments can be submitted. Be sure to reference the docket number associated with the case.

3. Mail comments to the Minnesota Public Utilities Commission, 121 7th Place East, Suite #350, Saint Paul, Minnesota, 55101.

4. Email comments on any docket to Comments relating to Energy Facilities, may be directed to

5. Fax comments to 651-297-7073.

6. EFile comments directly by creating your own account in eDockets . You must register and create an account in order to submit comments directly to the docket.

*Comments can include attachments but not any requiring installation of software or a redirect to an external site.



7. Oral comments will be accepted during scheduled public hearings or public meetings with a court reporter.

8. Video comments may be requested by emailing ( or calling (651.201.2195) agency staff. The Commission will accept video comments only when a docket has been referred to the Office of Administrative Hearings (OAH) for either a contested case or other public hearings AND the Commission and OAH agree video comments are acceptable.

Then, a Notice explaining the video comment process will be eFiled. All videos will be transcribed and eFiled; some may be played during public meetings.

Members of the public are encouraged to provide comments on any matter before the MN PUC at any time and are also welcome to send comments to, or to contact, the MN PUC about regulatory matter or subject of interest related to the MN PUC’s work. Contact us:

651-296, 0406 or 1-800-657-3782.    

Attend a Meeting or Hearing

The Minnesota Public Utilities Commission welcomes and encourages interested members of the public to attend any of our public hearings. Is this your first time going to a Commission meeting? Find out what to expect so you are prepared.


Watch a Meeting Online

All PUC meetings are webcast & archived for future viewing.

All online meetings are webcast with the link on the PUC’s official calendar. Click the button below to go to the official PUC calendar page and view a list of upcoming events that are available to attend online.

Ask for Help

The PUC might be able to help if you are having problems with your utility service. If you are having a problem, need help, or want to make a complaint against your utility provider, you can contact our consumer affairs office and they will try to help. Your information will be kept private, and our team of professional mediators will work with you and your utility to try and resolve the problem.


Access eDockets & Dockets Open for Comment


All filings are available via the Commission’s electronic document management system, eDockets. With a very robust search tool, you can easily access documents of interest by a variety of searches.

Open for Comment

Click below for a list of dockets with Notices that guide interested members of the public and groups through the commenting process.

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