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Governor Tim Walz and Lieutenant Governor Peggy Flanagan’s Due North Education Plan serves as a guide toward a future where every child receives a high-quality education, no matter their race or zip code. 




Meet the Needs of Students During and After the COVID-19 Pandemic

• Continue to support schools as they navigate the pandemic through COVID-19
while prioritizing in-person learning for as many students as safely possible.
• Expand academic opportunities and mental health services to support every
student in summer 2021 and through the following school year.
• Provide a one-time investment to ensure pandemic enrollment loss does not
negatively impact students.


Every Student Receives a World-Class Education

• Ensure academic standards address the modern needs of the workforce, are
inclusive of ethnic studies, and are reflective of students of color and Indigenous
• Expand early learning opportunities and ensure the academic and socialemotional
needs of early learning students are met.
• Expand access to out-of-school opportunities.
• Reimagine the high school experience to increase career and college readiness.

Every Student Learns in a Safe and Nurturing Learning Environment

• Support schools to focus on student relationship-building and center discipline on
growth, not punishment.
• Build the necessary supports for students around mental health social and
emotional learning.
• Strengthen community and school partnerships to meet the needs of the whole
• Launch a statewide family engagement model to support schools.

Every Student Learns in a Classroom with Caring and Qualified Teachers

• Build the best teaching workforce in the nation by ensuring the profession is
• Expand educator career pathway programs.
• Launch statewide mentor program to support the retention of teachers.
• Launch and expand programs to specifically recruit, retain and support teachers
of color and Indigenous teachers.


Close the Opportunity Gap for Students of Color and Indigenous Students

• Establish an Equity, Diversity and Inclusion Center at the Minnesota Department
of Education to build toward an education system committed to anti-racism.
• Provide educational experiences that value student culture and identity.
• Implement Indigenous Education for All.
• Develop and provide training for all school staff on anti-racist and anti-bias

Expand Access to Opportunities for Students in Greater Minnesota

• Expand rigorous coursework options, including Advanced Placement,
International Baccalaureate and concurrent enrollment.
• Increase the full-service community school model statewide.
• Prioritize geographic equity in our school finance system.
• Expand career and technical education pathways.


Click HERE to learn more about Minnesota's Due North Education Plan. 

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