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Certificate Request

The Office of Governor Tim Walz is pleased to issue certificates to Minnesota residents and organizations for outstanding accomplishments. The issuance of a certificate is commonly recognized as a special honor awarded to groups or individuals who surpass the following criteria by proving to have gone above and beyond a more general recognition. A certificate from the Governor’s Office does not indicate gubernatorial endorsement of the event or achievement. A Minnesota resident must make the request. Subject matter of the certificate should not take sides in matters of political controversy, ideological or religious beliefs, or individual conviction. No certificate may be used as part of an advertisement or commercial promotion without express permission from the Governor’s Office. Any use of the certificate in a news release or other type of publication must be approved by our office prior to publication. All certificates must be made within the Governor’s office. Any outside agency/organization certificates received will be denied. Every request must gain approval. The Governor’s Office reserves the right to modify or decline any certificate request.

There is a minimal fee for certificates, in order to cover the costs of printing and materials. There is no charge for any amount of certificates less than 50. Please see below for the fee structure:
  • 100: $15 and mailing costs, if applicable
  • 101-150: $30 and mailing costs, if applicable
  • 151-200: $45 and mailing costs, if applicable
  • 201-250: $60 and mailing costs, if applicable
  • 251-300: $75 and mailing costs, if applicable
  • 301-350: $90 and mailing costs, if applicable
  • 351-400: $105 and mailing costs, if applicable
  • 401-450: $120 and mailing costs, if applicable
  • 451-500: $135 and mailing costs, if applicable
1. Requests must include the following information:
  • Contact person’s first and last name, address, and telephone number.
  • A brief summary or background of the business or individual;
  • A draft of what should be written on the certificate (50 words or less);
  • Date when the certificate is needed.
  • Information about how to get completed certificates returned to you.
2. Please allow up to 30 calendar days for processing.
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