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Title: Cosmetology -School License
Alternate Title:
Description: Minnesota Board of Cosmetology
Subject: Cosmetology
Creation Date: 9/11/2008 2:12:14 PM
Modification Date: 7/17/2019 8:17:49 AM
Agency Name: Cosmetology, Minnesota Board of
Agency URL:
Agency Description: The Minnesota Board of Cosmetology regulates the practice of all cosmetology practitioners, educators, salons, and schools. Its core mission is to constantly strive to serve and care for its licensees, applicants, and the public by being committed to public protection, superior service, excellence, and continuous improvement.
Agency Phone: 651-201-2742
Agency Fax: 612-649-5702
Agency URL:
Agency Address:
1000 University Ave. W.

St. Paul
Unit Name: Email
Unit URL:
Unit Description:
Unit Phone: Unit Fax: Contact person(s):
Unit URL:
Audience: Hold Application URL:
Renewal URL:
Versa URL:
Requirements: Find and review the appropriate application as all requirements are listed within each application: School Licensing

A School License is not transferable between owners or locations. It is illegal to operate a school under a previous owners’ or location’s license.

This information is presented and maintained using information supplied by the Minnesota Board of Cosmetology. At the time of listing, this information is accurate and complete, but licensing and permitting requirements can change, so users are advised to verify and confirm the information here with the Minnesota Board of Cosmetology.

This information is not offered as, and should not be regarded as, legal advice. Users should consult their own private legal counsel on questions of the applicability of licensing and permitting requirements to their individual situations.

Rules: 2105

Statutes: 155


Applications and forms are available at All Applications and Forms

Some license renewals, address updates and duplicate license requests can be performed online.


Refer to the appropriate application or form.

Applications and forms are available at All Applications and Forms

Period of Issuance:

Licenses follow a three-year license cycle. Individual licenses expire on the last day of the individual’s birth month in the third year. Establishment licenses expire on the last day of the anniversary month in the third year. Renewing late will shorten the length of the next license cycle.

Length of Determination:

Schools are encouraged to submit their licensing applications 60 days in advance of the school’s projected opening date or its expiration date for renewals. Incomplete applications are subject to additional review.

If a complete renewal application is not received by the board within 30 days after the license expiration date, the school license is not eligible for renewal, and the school must reapply for a school license as a new applicant.

Other Info:
Activity: Salons
Surety Bond
License Detail URL:


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