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Advanced Practice Esthetics Rules and Licenses

Rules for the new advanced practice esthetician (AP) licenses went into effect on September 24, 2018. The existing scope of practice
for estheticians and cosmetologists is now split into two parts - esthetics and advanced practice ("AP") esthetics. One major change
is that any cosmetologist or esthetician who offers AP services will need a new license by August 1, 2019!

This is the last reminder that the deadline to submit a complete AP Operator or AP Salon Manager Grandfathering License Application
is rapidly approaching. Your complete and accurate application must be received in the Board office by July 31, 2019 to successfully
be grandfathered. Postmark dates are not considered.

Schedule your tests NOW! For those who are grandfathering without the appropriate work experience, time is very limited to schedule,
study for and pass the tests in time to submit a complete application. Check out these helpful hints for successful studying and testing
and get scheduled today!

AP Grandfathering Applications & Resources: 
All About Advanced Practice Esthetics 
New Rules Related to AP Esthetics 
Grandfathering Application for AP Operator Licenses 
Grandfathering Application for AP Salon Manager Licenses 
Grandfathering Application for AP Instructor Licenses 
Grandfathering Application for Recent Graduates 
AP Exams Content Outline (beginning on page 20)


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