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Advanced Practice Esthetics Information

For anyone who offers skin care services, it is important to understand which skin care services require the new advanced practice (AP) esthetician license. Fines and other penalties may be assessed to individuals, salons and designated licensed salon managers (DLSMs) when AP esthetic services are offered by cosmetologists, estheticians, or anyone without the AP license.

What skin care services can cosmetologists and estheticians offer in a salon?
-Basic extractions using gloved fingers, cotton swabs, or comedone extractors
-Waxing and sugaring
-Makeup including eyelash extensions and brow services (does not include microblading or permanent makeup)
-Scrubs and peels that only remove the stratum corneum

*Most skin machines and electrical equipment for skin will be out of scope for estheticians or cosmetologists. Sonic skin cleansing brushes and facial steamers are acceptable for estheticians and cosmetologists.

What skin care services can ONLY an advanced practice esthetician offer in a salon?
-Extractions using a lancet
-Peels that remove more than the stratum corneum
-Skin needling, microneedling
-Skin machines that exfoliate
-Services using galvanic current, microcurrent, radiofrequency, light, and sound (see scope of practice)
-AP estheticians may provide basic esthetic services in addition to the AP services

For more information, please refer to the scope of practice in Minnesota Rules 2105.0105. If you have any questions, please contact the Board of Cosmetology at or 651-201-2742.
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