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If you are unsure about how to live with age-related hearing loss, we have information that will help you. Learn about:
  • Communication Strategies for those with age-related hearing loss and their family and friends.
  • Specially-designed Equipment that is available to make everyday listening tasks easier.
  • Going Out and About around town with the same level of access as any other visitor and patron.

Deaf and Hard of Hearing Services Division of Minnesota (DHHS) is available to answer your questions and provide resources, including an equipment lab to try out products to see how they work for you before you invest in them. To reach DHHS, please email or call: 651-431-5940/1-800-311-1148.

A complete list of DHHS' regional offices is provided. In addition, DHHS offers a few workshops that may be of interest to those experiencing or those who know someone experiencing age-related hearing loss.

Many thanks to DHHS for providing most of the resources on this site.
The Hearing Loss Association of America (HLAA) is a national organization with several chapters in Minnesota. They provide amazing Support for individuals who would like to meet others with similar experiences regarding age-related hearing loss.
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