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All Fees Are Nonrefundable

Fees may be paid with a personal check, corporate check, money order, or cashier's check, payable to the MN Board of Physical Therapy. A combination of fees may be paid with a single check. Note: NSF return check fee $20.00
Fees for online services must be paid with a credit card.
No fee based services can be provided until the full fee is received in the Board office.
Application fee $100.00
Annual license fee $60.00
Criminal Background Check Fee $33.25 (effective 1/1/19)
Late fee for annual license $20.00
Temporary permit fee $25.00
Duplicate license fee $20.00
Certification letter fee $25.00
Continuing Education program review $100.00
Examination administration fee $50.00
Report generation $60.00/hr
Civil Penalties Various
Misc: services and copies Various

Licensure Status Information

License Certification fee of $25.00 is required for a written certification of a PT or PTA license.
Online License Verifications are available from the License Verification page of this website.
Or you may submit a written request with the $25.00 fee, as a check payable to the MN Board of PT. Please include your name (and former name if licensed under a previous name), and MN license number (if known), your telephone number (for contact if there are questions), and the full name and address of the recipient Jurisdiction/Board or employer.
The "Look up a License" feature from this website provides an option for license verification at no charge. All information under "Look up a License" is updated daily directly from the Board database.

Continuing Education course applications

Education/training program approval fee is $100.00.

Continuing Education course application information is available from this website under "Continuing Education"

Purchase of Mailing Lists or Labels

For mailing label information: contact Jacki Bellefeuille at the MN Department of Administration, Phone: (651) 201-3206 or the MN Bookstore, Phone: (651) 297-3000. This mailing list does NOT include Licensees' email addresses.

Duplicate License

Request for replacement of license cards or wall certificate form is available from this website under the “Licensees"

Duplicate annual renewal cards (4-3/8" x 3-7/8" and wallet size: 2" x 3-1/4") or wall certificates (8-1/2" x 11") are $20.00 each.

Duplicate cards are only generated upon payment of the required fee along with the notarized request form. A duplicate card will not be sent after a name or address change unless you specifically request a duplicate card and submit the $20.00 fee.

License Renewals

Annual license renewal fee is $60.00. MN physical therapist and physical therapist assistant licenses expire on December 31 of each year.

Online Renewal is available mid-November through mid-January from the License Renewal page of this website.

If the renewal form is incomplete or the correct fee is not submitted then the renewal application is considered incomplete. It will not be processed and will be returned to the licensee.

The late fee for an annual license renewal is an additional $20.00. A renewal is late if it is postmarked after December 31 or is submitted online after midnight on December 31. 

It is a violation of MS 148.75 (a) 18 to practice physical therapy in MN under lapsed or nonrenewed credentials. Late renewals may be subject to disciplinary considerations from the Board's Complaint Review Committee.

License applications

License application by a new graduate $243.25
  •  Application = $100.00
  •  Annual License = $60.00
  •  Criminal Background Check Fee = $33.25
  •  Exam = $50.00
License application by a PT or PTA licensed in another state $193.25
  •  Application = $100.00
  •  Annual License = $60.00
  •  Criminal Background Check Fee = $33.25
License application by foreign educated PT $193.25-$268.25
  •  Application = $100.00
  •  Annual License = $60.00
  •  Criminal Background Check Fee = $33.25
  •  Temporary permit fee = $25.00, required for the 6 month supervised Traineeship
  •  Exam = $50.00 required if applicant does not already have a passing score on the exam
Temporary Permit application form and fee ($25.00) may be submitted at any time during the application process.
The Exam fee ($50.00) must be paid for each exam attempt. 
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