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Board Disciplinary Actions

Disciplinary actions are remedies to complaint matters that are considered by the Board to be significant, and result in public documentation of the Board’s findings and specific conditions that the licensed professional must meet in order to be in or reach compliance. Definitions of the types of disciplinary actions include:

Conditional License: The individual may continue to practice, but must meet certain conditions within a specified time period. 

Suspended License: The individual must cease all physical therapy related practice until the suspension is lifted.

Unconditional License: The individual license is fully restored and the individual may practice without any conditions or limitations placed on their practice/license.

Voluntary Surrender or Revocation of License: The license is removed through an order for voluntary surrender or revocation order.

The Board retains these disciplinary matters on file so that the public has access to information that they might find helpful when selecting a physical therapist or physical therapist assistant, and offers information that may be of assistance to employers. The documents provided include the entire public action, which is comprised of the Board’s findings and the agreed upon remediation plan. The blue buttons allow you to sort the disciplinary actions either alphabetically or chronologically.

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