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Application for PTA Licensure

We recommend reading the instructions prior to beginning your application process.

Application Information and Frequently Asked Questions

Please thoroughly review the application materials before submitting your online application. Any processing fees incurred are your responsibility. The Board reserves the right to reject any outdated applications submitted.

Please note: Before beginning the online application process you will need to have detailed information available, including: social security number or alien card number or Tax ID number; if applicable, other licenses or registration numbers, date issued, and expiration dates; record of clinic affiliations (including: facility name, address, phone number, time frame you were there (mm/yyyy to mm/yyyy) and two references, preferably 2 PTs, for each location with address and phone number)


These forms may be mailed to the Board office prior to submission of your licensure application and fees. They will be placed in a pending file until your application file is opened. After your file is opened – you will receive an email in regards to your online application/account. You may view your application checklist online. If an item is marked “completed” no further action is required.

  • Official Transcript with a DEGREE GRANTED DATE posted (please have this sent directly from your school to the Board office via secure email OR in a sealed envelope)
  • Notarized Affidavit with photograph (may be mailed by applicant)
  • Certification of Education (mailed by your school not more than 13 weeks prior to graduation).
  • Recommendation Form (Choose two physical therapist references total from those listed on your application to complete the recommendation forms.)


A fingerprint information packet will be EMAILED to you AFTER you submit a licensure application and fees. A CBC is required for final licensure. CBC results can take 2-4 weeks. Information is available on the CBC's website.


2024 PTA test dates:

Test Date FSBPT Registration for NPTE closes Deadline for receipt of 
required information by MN Board of PT
January 3 & 4, 2024 November 29, 2023 December 5, 2023
April 3 & 4, 2024 February 28, 2024 February 29, 2024
July 2 & 3, 2024 May 28, 2024 May 30, 2024
October 8 & 9, 2024 September 3, 2024 September 5, 2024

A. Have all required documents to Board of Physical Therapy by deadline listed above.

  1. Two recommendation forms
  2. Certification of education
  3. Completed application and affidavit of applicant
  4. Name change (if applicable)
  5. Legal documents (if applicable)
  6. Any other information requested by the Board

B. The Board will approve all qualified applicants to test as soon as possible. Applicants will be able to view approval from the Board via the Online login.

C. Instructions for scheduling the exam with Prometric Test Center are in the FSBPT Candidate Handbook (

Temporary Permits for New PTA Grads

Temporary permits to practice physical therapy are available for new graduates before they have taken the NPTE (exam) after the following steps have been completed.

  1. Board has received completed application and all supported documentation.
  2. Board has also approved applicant to take NPTE (exam) and has notified FSBPT. (Reminder applicants must also register separately for exam with FSBPT – see
  3. FSBPT has notified applicant with “Authorization to Test” letter.
  4. Applicant has scheduled an exam date with Prometric Testing Centers.
  5. Temporary permit form and fee have been received by the Board.
  6. Applicant has notified Board of test confirmation number from Prometric and exam date.
  7. Please note: Temporary permit issue and expiration dates are related to the exam date you select. See chart. “Temporary Permits for PTA New Graduates in 2024

This permit allows applicants to practice physical therapy under direct, immediate, and on premise supervision. It may be granted once and cannot be renewed.


It is your responsibility to make sure your file is complete; i.e. completed application, exam scores, and documentation have been received by the Board. The Board will not review applicants with incomplete files. Applicants who answer yes to a question on their application or provide incomplete information are reviewed by the licensure committee at a PT Board meeting*. Wall and wallet certificates will be issued after the Board meetings.

Passing score on fixed testing date: 

January 3 & 4, 2024 January 11* or 25, 2024 or
February 8 or 22, 2024 or March 7* or 21, 2024
April 3 & 4, 2024 April 18, 2024 or May 8* or 23, 2024
June 6 or 20, 2024
July 11 or 25, 2024 or August 8*, 2024
July 2 & 3, 2024 July 25, 2024 or
August 8* or 22, 2024 or
September 12* or 26, 2024
October 8 & 9, 2024 October 26, 2023 or
November 7* or November 21, 2024

*On rare occasions, a Board meeting date may change.

**Official transcript showing degree was granted must be received prior to PT Board Meeting or Review Date.


Miscellaneous Information

If you answer yes to any of the practice questions, please submit further legal/medical documentation. For legal documents; have the county or jurisdiction provide the MN Board with any legal documents (arrest records, court documents, dismissal of charges etc.) related to the incident. They must be mailed to the Board office by the jurisdiction. If the documentation cannot be mailed directly to us have the appropriate agency mail them directly to you and do not open the envelope. Please put the sealed envelope in a new envelope and mail to the Board office. If records are no longer available, have the jurisdiction send a letter indicating this.

If you’ve had a name change, please submit a notarized copy of a legal document supporting a legal name change.

  1. a certified marriage certificate specifying the name change following marriage;*
  2. a certified divorce or dissolution of marriage decree specifying the name change, or;*
  3. other certified court order specifying the name change.

Please do not submit foreign marriage certificates that do not reflect your name change following marriage, as the Board is unable to accept them for purposes of changing your name on your license. *You may submit a notarized copy

How to obtain a notarized document:

  1. Make a photocopy of the document (marriage certificate, etc).
  2. Take the photocopy along with the original document to a Notary.
  3. The Notary will look at the original document and the photocopy.
  4. The Notary will sign/stamp/seal the photocopy and write a statement to the effect that they have viewed the original and this is an exact copy. Some Notaries will attach a paper (with a similar statement, signature/stamp/seal) to the copy.

Testing Accommodations (ADA) Please see the MN Board of PT’s website's dedicate page to Accommodations.


The PT is responsible for all procedures or tasks delegated to a PTA or PT Aide.

PT Assistant. The PT may delegate patient treatment procedures to a qualified PT Assistant (PTA) except: patient evaluation, treatment planning, initial treatment, change of treatment, and initial or final documentation. The PT must provide on-site observation of the treatment and documentation of its appropriateness at least every six treatment sessions. A PT may supervise no more than two PTAs at any time. The PT is not required to be onsite, but must be easily available by telecommunication.

PT Aide. Only a PT may assign selected treatment procedures to a PT Aide. The PT must observe the patient's status before and after the treatment. All tasks must be performed under the direct supervision of a PT who is readily available for advice, instruction, or immediate assistance.


Each licensed physical therapist assistant must complete at least 20 contact hours of continuing education credit every two years as a condition of licensure renewal. Newly licensed physical therapist assistants commence their two year cycle on January 1 immediately following the date licensure was granted, and continuing education credits may be accrued during the first partial year in addition to the two full years of licensure. Licensees are required to attest to completion of continuing education by reporting to the Board at renewal time. Continuing education documentation must be retained by each licensee in the event they are selected for an audit.


Physical therapist assistants must practice the equivalent of eight full weeks (320 hours) during the past five years in order to be issued a license, renew, reinstate following a lapse in licensure, or return to active licensure status from inactive status. Alternatively, physical therapist assistants may choose to retake and pass the National Physical Therapy Exam or complete no less than eight weeks of Board approved, supervised clinical practice. The supervised clinical practice length and site must be pre-approved by the Board.


Licensure must be renewed annually before January 1 of each year. Renewal reminders are sent approximately 45 days prior to expiration. It is the physical therapist assistants responsibility to keep the Board advised of their current address with written notification within 30 days of any address change. The Board will mail the renewal reminder to the address on file. Failure to receive the renewal reminder does not relieve the physical therapist assistant of his or her renewal obligation.


The Physical Therapy Board is appointed by the Governor to act on issues regarding physical therapist licensure standards, enforcement of laws and complaint review. The Board is composed of five physical therapists, one licensed physician, two physical therapist assistants, and three public members.


Nonlicensed individuals are prohibited from using the title "Physical Therapist Assistant," in any manner hold out as a physical therapist assistant, or use in connection with the person's name the words or letters Physical Therapist Assistant, P.T.A., or any letters, words, abbreviations or insignia indicating or implying that the person is a physical therapist assistant, without a license as a physical therapist assistant issued under sections 148.65 to 148.78. To do so is a gross misdemeanor; Nonlicensed individuals holding themselves out as a physical therapist assistants may be subject to criminal prosecution for the unauthorized practice.


If you have specific questions about the application process, please call 612-627-5406, fax 651-797-1377, or e-mail:

Address all written correspondence to: MN Board of Physical Therapy  335 Randolph Avenue, Suite 285, St. Paul, MN 55102


If any part of this Fact Sheet conflicts with the Minnesota rules or laws, the rules or laws take precedence. It is your responsibility to understand and comply with the regulations. Please call if you have any questions

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