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Application for Reinstatement Dietitian or Nutritionist

Requirements for Reinstatement for a Licensed Dietitian or Licensed Nutritionist:

A licensee who voluntarily terminated the license or whose license was terminated by board action shall, in order to have the licensee's license reinstated:

  1. Submit to the board a completed reinstatement application on a form provided by the board.
  2. Submit evidence to the board of having obtained the required continuing education units for the continuing education cycle in effect at the time that the licensee's license was terminated.
  3. Submit evidence to the board of having met the continuing education requirements that would have applied to the licensee during the period of time between the termination of the license and the application for reinstatement had the licensee held a license during that time; AND
  4. Submit to the board the appropriate reinstatement fee which shall be the current annual renewal and late penalty fees plus an administrative charge of 25.

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