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Continuing Education

The current three-year continuing education cycle is December 1, 2018 - November 30, 2021.  The number of CE credits you need is pro-rated depending upon the date you initially became licensed.  

If your license number is: Your required number of CE credits are:
1001 - 4101 45 CE credits
4102 - 4269  30 CE credits
4270 - 4413 15 CE credits
4414 -  0 CE credits
N101 - N230 45 CE credits
N231 - N233 30 CE credits
N234 - N239 15 CE credits

0 CE credits
You must report the above number of CE credits by October 31, 2021.  Board policy now requires your license be renewed by October 31st.  Renewal dates coincided with your November 30th license expiration in the past, not allowing time for CE audits to be completed before expiration.  This change is effective every renewal cycle for consistency, not just in CE reporting years.
Board staff will no longer enter Continuing Education Records for you due to the continuing growth in the number (1900) of licensees.  All Continuing Education must be entered online through the website.  Click here to Log in and enter Continuing Education Online
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